Safety Off Lyrics Translation in English by Shubh. Safety Off song lyrics written by Shubh with music given by Waitaminute.

Singer: Shubh
Composer: Waitaminute
Lyrics by: Shubh
Label: SHUBH

Safety Off Lyrics Translation in English

Gunna Chaar Te Bande Do Ne
Baithe Yaar Naa Koi Hor Ne
Doongi Maar Kanna Nu Phone Ne
Piche Car De Rakhiyan 12 Bor Ne Bor Ne

There are two guys and the firearms belong to you
I’m sitting with friends exclusively, not random people
They are on their phones and striking deep
Twelve bore guns are stored in the car’s rear trunk

Kaali Ji Dooron Disdi Tedi Pagg Ni (Pagg Ni)
Eh Ni Marde Je Maare Rab Ni (Rab Ni)
Bande Chunve Rakha Bagh Ni
Yaar Jat De Rakaane Chibb Kadd Ni

I may be seen from a distance wearing my black turban
We wouldn’t die unless God wanted us to
My buddies are special, not some jerks
My pals are all fantastic

Dassan Je Zehri Torr Ni Te Chhe Foot Da (Foot Da)
Koi Tod Ni Jatan De Put Da
Karaa Chaud Ni Bulle Lutda (Lutda)
Billboard Te Aye Mahina Bukkda Rakaane

My height is six feet, and my walk is hypnotic
There is no match for me out there
I don’t brag; I just enjoy life
My tunes are on Billboard every month

Solo Chalde Jatt Mat Ni, Jaande Thallde Bhanne Lakk Ni
Shalaru Kal De Kauli Chat Ni (Saale)
Bollywood Di Dhaun Te Rakhi Lat Ni Lat Ni

Our mentality is to work alone. We have shattered ribs of many
The rookie hecklers are liars
I keep Bollywood on its toes

Wadde Jigre Thalle Jagg Ni (Jagg Ni)
Bhare Jorr Naa Seene Gaj Ni (Gaj Ni)
Kithe Bhullde Yaad Ajj Vi (Saare)
Maade Time Te Gaye Si Jehde Bhaj Ni

We are courageous, and the world is beneath us
We are filled with strength, and our chests rumble
We can still recall our history
We recall those who abandoned us during difficult times

Saare De Saare Dogle Main Dawaa Shit Ni
Saadi Haar Vi Oh Lagge Jit Ni (Lagdi Aa)
Downfall Vi Te Challe Hit Ni
Firre Bukkda Punjab Laake Pith Ni Pith Ni

I couldn’t care less about two-faced buddies
Even our defeat turns out to be a victory for us
I am both in decline and on top at the same moment
I am courageous because of Punjab’s backing

Gunna Chaar Te Bande Do Ne, Baithe Yaar Na Koi Hor Ne
Doongi Maar Kanna Nu Phone Ne
Piche Car De Rakhiyan 12 Bor Ne Bor Ne

The guys are two and the weapons are four. Only friends, not strangers, are seated with me
They hit deep and are on the phone
We had 12 bore guns in the trunk of the automobile