Goin Off Lyrics Translation in English by Karan Aujla. This song lyrics written by Karan Aujla with music given by Mxrci.

Singer: Karan Aujla
Composer: Mxrci
Lyrics by: Karan Aujla
Label: Rehaan Records

Goin Off Lyrics Translation in English

Bolde Aa Bukde Thodi Aa Patlo
Khade Aa Ni Jhukde Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Maut Aaje Lukde Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Ehna Kolon Rukde On Thodi Aa Patlo

We do not shout or brag, but speak with authority
We stand firm for our rights and never bow down
Even in the face of death, we refuse to hide
They cannot stop us, for we are unstoppable

Bule Firaan Luttde Haner Ki Saver Ki
Tere Ala Sher Jatt TC Ala Ber Ki Ni
Ni Kade Sade Kurte Nu Hundiya Si Takiya
Ni Aj Biba LV Je Pa Leya To Fer Ki

Regardless of the time of day, I always enjoy life
As your beloved, I am a top-notch guy, my dear
There were times when I was helpless and wore torn clothes, but not anymore
Today, I wear luxurious clothes, and it’s nobody’s business but mine

Paise Haige Mukre Thodi Ae Patlo
Shonki Beshukre Thodi Ae Patlo
Ni Tenu Thodi Galat Knowledge Mili Hain
Ni Mehnati Aa Fukre Thodi Ae Patlo

I won’t deny that I have plenty of money
We have many hobbies, but we always show gratitude to the Almighty
My dear, you may have received misinformation about me
I am fond of working hard, not showing off

O Kina Kuch Khatteya Ni, Laiyan Ni Vadhaiyan Kade
Ehna Aake Dekhiyan Ni, Asi Ni Dikhaiyan Kade

I have accumulated a substantial amount of wealth, but I have never sought to receive gifts from others
It was not my intention to flaunt my possessions when they came to visit

Gun-an Utte Torch Aa Ni, Horse Te Porsche Aa Ni
Yaran Kol Hundiya Nе, Aisi Ni Chalaiyan Kade

Our arsenal includes firearms equipped with torches, and we own both horses and a Porsche
Although my friends possess g_ns, I have never had the opportunity to use them

Gaane Waang Mukde Thodi Aa Patlo
Kalle Sohne Luke Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Ehna Vangu Fukde Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Ehna Kolon Rukde Thodi Aa Patlo

Dear lady, my existence is not a melody that can be silenced
I am not the only attractive man who can be covered up
Unlike others, I am not envious
Our bond is unbreakable and cannot be affected by anyone else’s opinions

Hun Rende Tap De Rakane Kadi Tike Ni Eh
Jehda Sikh Gaye Asi Oh kade Sikhe Ni Ehe

They are always erratic and never at ease
Unlike me, they have not learned from their mistakes

Kehnde Main Dikhaune Red Bottom Kude Ni
Jadon Kandeya Te Ture Odon Dikhe Ni Eh

They claim that I flaunt my fancy shoes
but when I was struggling, and the road was full of difficulties, they were nowhere to be found

Tutte Hoye Aan Tukde Thodi Aa Patlo
Pattde Si Ukhde Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Teinu Thodi Galat Knowledge Mili Ae
Ni Mehnti Aa Fukre Thodi Aa Patlo Patlo

I may have been shattered, but I am not destroyed
They tried to weaken us, but they could not succeed
My dear, you may need to receive correct information about me
I am fond of working hard and do not exhibit arrogance

Chakke Na Self Kam Auna Kithe Choke-An Ne Ni
Udd De Bathere Meri Jutti Diyan Nokan Ne Ni

They have been unsuccessful in starting
They attempt to achieve great heights, but they are merely the soles of my shoes

Haq Di Dikhaun Diyan Sade Utte Rokan Ne Ni
Jeen Nahiyo Dende Sali Jan Lai Layi Lokan Ne Ni

We are obligated to keep our hard-earned accomplishments concealed
Individuals have made my existence challenging, they don’t permit me to live in tranquility

Dakkde Aa Dukkde Thodi Aa Patlo
Bul Asi Tukde Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Mili Janda Sukhde Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Ehna Kolon Rukde Thodi Aa Patlo

We prevent them, and never falter in our efforts
We remain poised and calm, never displaying nervousness
God has bestowed upon me abundant blessings, even without my request
They are powerless to obstruct us, for we are unbeatable

Rehnde Sochde Record Ehne Todta Kivein Ni
Piche Aaun Ge Mere Eh Paini Lod Tan Kade Ni

It appears that they are confused about how I managed to achieve those records
If they require my assistance, they will inevitably seek me out

Puchde Ni Methon Par Sochde Tan Hone
Kandha Tutiyan Si Hun Aina Jodta Kiwein Ni

Although they never ask, they may always be pondering my success
They must also be curious about how I was able to construct my wealth, given the damage to my home’s walls

Utte Aa Utre Thodi Aa Patlo
Kagzan Te Sutre Thodi Aa Patlo
Ni Teinu Thodi Galt Knowledge Mili Aa
Mehnati Aa Fukre Thodi Aa Patlo

Despite not having a clean record in the police records
I am still at the top, reigning supreme
My dear, you may need to obtain accurate information about me