Pardes Katenda Lyrics Translation in English by Adnan Dhool. Pardes Katenda song lyrics written by Adnan Dhool with music given by Adnan Dhool.

Singer: Adnan Dhool
Producer: Adnan Dhool
Lyrics by: Adnan Dhool
Label: Adnan Dhool

Pardes Katenda Lyrics Translation in English

Sohna Te Methon Door Gaya Ae, Hoke Sajan Majboor Gaya Ae
Akhiyan De Vaste Khuhsiyan Hovan, Hoke Hijr Wich Choor Gaya Ae

Powerlessness had driven my dear sweetheart away from me
He had broken down in tears and departed to delight our eyes

Sohna Paya Pardes Katenda, Sajjna Nu Dooron-Dooron Vehnda
Sadi Te Sari Sunda Rahe Par Apni Peed Nai Vehnda

The beautiful one has been living hopelessly in a strange land and watches his sweetheart from afar
He hears everything I say but never expresses his sentiments

Sohna Te Suit Bhalenda Ae Par Apni Peed Nai Vehnda
Akhan De Vaste Bheje Kajjal Na Moyi Doori Vehnda Ae

He may be dressed well, yet he ignores his inner troubles
He sent ‘Kajol’ from abroad for me, yet he is blind to the gap between us

Sohna Bhajenda Sanu Kamaiyan, Sohna Manave Eid-An Paraiyan
Aaja Sohneya Galiyan Sunjhiyan, Saanu Qabool Ve Teri Ladaiyan

My beautiful sweetheart works and sends me money. My lovely sweetheart celebrates foreign festivals
Come home, dear; my streets are lonely without you. Even if you argued with me, I would accept it

Ronde Baddal Meehn Varsainde, Dadha Tainu Yaad Karende
Iss Mahine Tu Aavaan’na Roz Apne Dil Nu Dasende

Even the clouds are crying in the form of rain because they miss you so much
They lie to their hearts when they say you’ll return this month

Sohneya Vatna Nu Mudke Aavan, Do Dihari Mukh Tan Dikhavan
Roz Takande Raah Teri

Oh, my lovely darling, please return home and give me a little glimpse of your face
Looking at the roadways, I’ve been waiting for you

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