Nothing Lasts Lyrics Translation in English by Divine, Karan Aujla. Nothing Lasts song lyrics written by Karan Aujla, Divine with music given by Yeah Proof.

Singer: Divine, Karan Aujla
Composer: Yeah Proof
Lyrics by: Karan Aujla, Divine
Label: Mass Appeal India

Nothing Lasts Lyrics Translation in English

Kihne Kine Khane Aa Kihde Hisse Dane Aa
Jehdiyan Marji Gaddiyan Rakhlo Chahe Mehnge Bane Aa

Who will consume more food, and who will have less?
Buy any car you desire or indulge expensively

Kihde Kidde Lane Aa Kihde Kidde Gane Aa
Bann Ne Paine Bhane Aa Tussi Nal Thodi Le Jane Aa

Who has a large family? Who has written how many songs?
You should agree that you cannot take anything with you

Aithe Hi Reh Jane Aa Aithe Reh Jane Aa
Aithe Hi Reh Jane Aa Aithe Reh Jane Aa

Nothing lasts forever; everything on earth remains here
In the end, you’re going to depart this earth with nothing

Teri Sada Ni Mashook Aidan Sajni Ni Oye
Jinna Vi Tu Kha La Neet Rajni Ni Oye

Your girlfriend’s beauty will not last forever
No matter how much you have, you will never feel content

Samajh Ae Geetan Fer Neeva Rahenga
Eh Sada Layi Tere Layi Tali Bajni Ni Oye

If you comprehend the meaning of this song, you will remain grounded
People will only sometimes praise you

Kehde Raje Rane Aa Kehde Lekhon Kane Aa
Kihne Darke Katt Layi Zindagi Kihne Seene Tane Aa

Who has received the title of king or queen? Whose fortunes are partly visible?
Who is living in fear? Who is walking with a confident attitude?

Aithe Hi Reh Jane Aa Aithe Reh Jane Aa
Aithe Hi Reh Jane Aa Aithe Reh Jane Aa

In the end, you’re going to leave this earth with nothing
In the end, you will leave this earth with nothing

Joh Bhi Socha Tune Karna Tu Sab Kar Sakta Hain
Ek Bana Tujhse Usko 100 Kar Sakta Hain

You can accomplish whatever you dream of
You can multiply one thing by a hundred

Hasta Tu Bahot Kya Tu Utna Ro Sakta Hain
Maut Tere Aane Wali Kitna Soh Sakta Hain

You can laugh a lot, or you can cry a lot
If you know that death is approaching, can you sleep?

Tere Liye Neend Woh Kisi Aur Ka Sapna Hain
Mar Raha Tu Aur Kisi Aur Ka Jhagda Hain

You may sleep, but others may dream
You are dying while fighting for trivial matters

Beta Zimmedari Lele Rakh Parivar Pehle
Han Tu Karega Tera Parivar Jhele

Understand your responsibilities and prioritize your family first
Your actions affect your family’s path

Kadam Dhyan Se De Tera Khatir Jan Dere
Main Bhi Tere Jaisa Ham Pareshan The Re

Once, I also had the same concerns as you
How much belongs to you, and how much belongs to others?

Kitna Mere Pas Kitna Tere Pas, Kitna Mere Nam Kitna Tere Nam
Chalo Kare Count Aur Ye Ghanta Nahi

What is under your name, and what is under theirs?
Let’s calculate it, but never mind

Tu School Gaya Par Tune Padha Nahin
Aa G Banta Firta Par Ladha Nahin

You have attended school, but you have learned nothing
You once avoided conflict

Aa Lalach Bimari Aur Maut Ki Koi Dawa Nahin
Sunn Mera Bhai Tu Kisi Se Bhi Bada Nahi

but now you crave greed, health, and life
Listen, my brother, no one is superior to another

Rabb Se Bada Zameen Pe Koi Kala Nahin
Rabb Se Bada Zameen Pe Koi Kala Nahin

Nothing on earth surpasses God’s power
There is nothing more powerful than God’s might

Ab Bolna Mat Bola Nahin Han

Could you not say that I didn’t warn you?

Na Eh Sah Tere Te Na Eh Jan Teri Ae
Mathe Di Lakeer Ae Vi Na Teri Ae

Neither this breath nor this life belong to you
Even the marks on your forehead do not belong to you

Tera Koyi Ni Yara Oh Iss Duniya Utte
Ohnu Sambh La Tu Jina Chir Ma Teri Ae

No one truly belongs to you in this world
Take care of your mother while she is alive

Jadon Sohneya Bulau Maut Jaayenga
Dass Ohdon Vi Bahane Aidan E Layenga

When death comes, you must leave
Will you still make excuses, then?

Dass Kina Chir Kade Layi Kamayenga
Paise Hiq Utte Rakh Ke Le Jaayenga

Tell me, for whom and for how long do you work?
Money will not accompany you to your final resting place

Kihde Yar Purane Aa Kihde Nawe Tikane Aa
Koi Ni Khadna End Te Mitron
Baki Aap Siyane Aa

Whose old friends still stand by their side? Whose path has led them to new destinations?
Nobody stands by you in the end
After all, you can all think for yourselves

Aithe Hi Reh Jane Aa Aithe Reh Jane Aa
Aithe Hi Reh Jane Aa Aithe Reh Jane Aa

When you pass away, all of your possessions will remain
When you die, you will leave behind all you possess