Glorious Lyrics Translation in English by Arjan Dhillon. Glorious song lyrics written by Arjan Dhillon with music given by Mxrci.

Singer: Arjan Dhillon
Composer: Mxrci
Lyrics by: Arjan Dhillon
Label: Brown Studios

Glorious Lyrics Translation in English

Ho Mote Akhran Ch Dassan Chalde Ni 3-5
Haye 2-3 Vail Kari Rakha Parbandh

I want it crystal clear that I detest being in other people’s control
I have a few hobbies that I enjoy and manage well

Ho Mareya Vi Jyonda Hoje Jehda Padh’da
Ho Gabbru Aa Kishne De Khat Warga

My story would captivate anyone who reads it
I’m unique and unforgettable

Sadde Aali Ni Jawani Kise Hor Te
Ni Ikk Killa Dhaun Ch, Te 40 GT Road Te

There’s no one else out there like me, especially in their youth
GT Road runs alongside my 40-acre land; no wonder my chin’s held high

Ni Ikk Killa Dhaun Ch Te 40 GT Road Te
Haye Ni Road Te, Haye Ni Road Te

Forty acres on the Grand Trunk itself—wouldn’t you strut with a neck like mine?
On the road! On the road

Ho Number Punjab Deyan Baharle Aa Nau Ni
Sawariyan Ne 6 Tera Done 8-9 Ni

The cars I drive are registered in Punjab, but they are imported from foreign countries
Although these cars can seat six passengers, we often force 8 to 9 people to sit in them

Ho Dedh K Khadata Rakane Shaunk Shaunk Ch
Defender Badhaud Phirdi Aa Vadde Chaunk Ch

Just as a hobby, I have spent 1.5 crores in cash on cars
I drive my Defender around my village’s main road

Ho Baddi 45 Te 85 Billo Bore
Boran Moohre Dass Kihda Chalda Ae Zor

I own a large 45-bore handgun
Who is unafraid while facing a gun?

Aave Asla Na Hisse Kamzor De
Ni Ikk Killa Dhaun Ch, Te 40 GT Road Te
Hoye Ni Road Te, Hoye Ni Road Te

The weak ones need to deserve weapons
Forty acres whisper secrets of wealth and power in my ear; I can’t blame my neck for standing a little taller
On the road! On the road

Haye Larhdiyan Akhan Raziname Hoye Rehnde Aa
Ni Tahin Munde Zulfan Di Chavein Hoye Rehnde Aa

I always end up arguing with my opponents, but we eventually make up
That’s why guys often spend time with their significant others

Ho Sab Nal Bolde Ni Dil Wale Warke
Haye Lokki Gahan Dass Dinde Ikk Vari Padhke

I don’t share my personal life or heart with just anyone
Because people tend to spread secrets

Ho Taur Teri Tarz Koi Lagdi Mazat Ni
Chadh’di Jaawani Ura Pare Lag Dat Ni

As you walk, your movements are captivating, much like the way a legendary composer’s music can be
In my younger years, I had a few enemies here and there

Ho Yar Vigde Aa Rakhe Jehde Jodke
Ni Ikk Killa Dhaun Ch Te 40 GT Road Te
Haye Ni Road Te, Haye Ni Road Te

I choose to surround myself with friends who are a bit spoiled
GT Road runs beside my 40-acre property, so it’s no surprise my chin is up
On the road! On the road

Haye 3-4 Parche Tareekan De Bulawe
Munda Adab Stallion Kehda Katthi Pave

I have multiple FIRs against me, which require me to attend court hearings regularly
I am strong, like a stallion horse

Haye Nam Wich Lagdi Ni Koi Laga Matra
Arjan Moohre Dass Kehda Lave Takkra

My name is unique in Punjabi, and I am proud of it
Some may find me challenging to work with

Ho Likhda Bathera Bas Dissda Ae Ghatt
Sadde Bare Puchhe Je Koi Kami Aape Dass

I love writing, and there’s always more to write about
If someone asks about me, please let them know

Nale Geet Tu Suna Dayi Aahi Modke
Ni Ikk Killa Dhaun Ch, Te 40 GT Road Te
Haye Ni Road Te, Haye Ni Road Te

You can also play this song for them
GT Road passes across my 40-acre property; no surprise my chin is lifted high
On the road! On the road