For You Lyrics Translation in English by Ravneet Singh. For You song lyrics written by Ravneet Singh with music given by Ravneet Singh.

Singer: Ravneet Singh
Composer: Ravneet Singh
Lyrics by: Ravneet Singh
Label: Ravneet Singh

For You Lyrics Translation in English

Han Kar Tan Sahi, Eh Jind Jan Tere Naam La Diya
Ishara Kar Ta Sahi, Eh Taare Tere Pairan Ch Vasha Diya

If you said ‘yes,’ I would devote my life entirely to you
If you signalled me, I would place the stars at your feet

Das Ki Karan, Hun Reh Na Paavan Tere Kolon Door Ni
Bas Nede Nede Reh, Rahe Akhiyan Nu Tera Hi Suroor Ni

What should I do? I cannot fathom living without you
Please stay closer; My eyes are captivated by you

Cheez Kehan Toh Pehlan Ni, Muhre Hazir Hou
Pyar Vich Dubeyan Layi Sagar Hou
Has Has Manunga Main Sabh Teriyan
Ni Joh Joh Meri Jaan Da Order Hou

Before you ask, I will bring you the things you desire
It will be an ocean for the ones drowned in love
I will smile and accept everything you say
you would order me

Akhiyan Ch Surme Di Thaa Mainu Paa Lai
Apna Banake Pher Jag Ton Luka Lai Meri Jaan

Instead of kohl, beautify your eyes, having me in your eyes
Make me yours and conceal me from the world, my sweetheart

Tenu Jitan Lyi, Eh Jagh Chandre Nu Mei Hara Diyaan
Mera Haath Fadh Lai, Dil Apne Ch Tainu Mein Panah Deyan
Kade Aun Nai Dene,Teri Akhiyan Cho Haanju Meinu Soh Lage
Khoobsurat Ne Aunde Supne Joh Tere Meinu Saun Lage

I will you from the world
Hold my hand; let me harbor you in my heart
I will never let there be tears in your eyes
I cherish the beautiful dreams of you that I have

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