Drippy Lyrics Translation in English by Sidhu Moose Wala, AR Paisley. Drippy song lyrics written by Sidhu Moose Wala, AR Paisley with music given by Mxrci.

Singer: Sidhu Moose Wala, AR Paisley
Composer: Mxrci
Lyrics by: Sidhu Moose Wala, AR Paisley
Label: Sidhu Moose Wala

Drippy Lyrics Translation in English

Jatta Ve Jatta Kive Ae, Ki Karda Club Ch
Kadon Aya Jail Cho Te Hun Kehde Jabb Ch

Yo, man, how are you doing? What are you doing at the club?
When did you get out of jail? What issue have you gotten yourself into now?

Lagda Ae Ajj Vi Kise Na Kise Mar Te
Ki Ae Tere Dil Ch Te Ki Ae Tere Dabb Ch

You appear to be on to something today
Tell me, what’s in your heart and what’s in your pocket?

Ho Teda-Teda Jhaak Na Mind Kar Akh Nu
Maar Na Hulare, Control Kar Lakk Nu

And don’t give me any crooked looks
Do not wind your waist; instead, control it

Oh Cheelan Wangu Nochda Main Bhawein Dead Body-An
Par Zinda Jisma Di Bhukh Naiyo Es Jatt Nu

I rip apart lifeless corpses like vultures
But I am not hungry for living flesh

Ho Vair Ae Dimag Ch Te Dili Mere Dhokha Aa
Bachja Tu Bachja Ni Tere Kole Mauka Aa

There is animosity in my head and cheating in my heart
Save yourself while you still have a chance to escape

Kyun Paid Nappein Kaal Di, Ki Phirdi Ae Bhaldi
Niri-Puri Maut Utton Geda Tera Chautha Aa

Why are you pursuing your death? What do you aim to do?
You’re hunting death, and this is round four

Dasde Koi Hall Ve Vasson Bahar Gal Ve
Thoda Jeya Side Te Tu Mere Nal Chaal Ve

Tell me a remedy; it is beyond my power
Come with me for a short while

Rann Eh Sambhni Landuan De Vass Na
Dulli Phiraan Tere Te Tu Paade Mainu Thall Ve

Not every regular man deserves me
I am in love with you, and it is your obligation to fulfill me

Life Ajjkal Ve Bharosa Ki Ae Saali Da
Vekh Tenu Samjhi Ke Veham Naiyo Paalida

Life is untrustworthy these days
I discovered this after seeing you

Oh Kadh-Kaath Dekh’ke Malwe De Jatt Da
Ve Loo’ Kanda Khada Hoyi Jaanda Majhe Wali Da

Looking at you, a Jatt from Malwa
From a distance gives me shivers

Ho Nede Nede Lagg Na Reh Methon Gap Te
Bhaal Na Main Labbna Ni Insta Snap Te

Do not approach me; keep your distance
Don’t try; you won’t find me on Instagram or Snapchat

Dalla Ik Marna Ajj Tere Samne
Tu Aithe Ayi Aan Chill Te, Te Jatt Ae Trap Te

I’m going to mu_der a cheater right in front of you today
You came here to relax, and I’m here to trap

Glock Meri Life Te, Te Thirty Da Clip Aa
Akh Jama Khadi Aa Te Shooter Drip Aa

I have a Glock with a thirty-round clip
My eyes are burning, and I’m pouring with the shooter

Bhullke Main Tapp Jaau Tu Chehra Mera Bhul Jayin
Bahar Bina Number Ton Khadi Meri Whip Aan
Te Vairi Mera Rip Ae

If I unintentionally shoot you, you will forget my face
My whip is parked outside with no number
And my enemies are RIP