Do Jahaan Lyrics Translation in English by Maninder Buttar, Aditya Rikhari. Do Jahaan song lyrics written by Maninder Buttar, Aditya Rikhari with music given by Aditya Rikhari.

Singer: Maninder Buttar, Aditya Rikhari
Composer: Aditya Rikhari
Lyrics by: Maninder Buttar, Aditya Rikhari
Label: Maninder Buttar

Do Jahaan Lyrics Translation in English

Do Jahana De Jugnu Sare, Meri Galan Sun Sun Roye Ni
Shama Paiyan Mera Yar Gawacha, Fer Umar Sari Asi Soye Nai

While listening to my love tale, all the fireflies from two worlds grieved
That evening, my love went disappeared, and I haven’t slept since

Sun Sohni Soorat Waleya, Sanu Kehde Kammi La Leya
Ishqe Da Deke Rog Ve, Pyaran Di Pake Chog Ve

Listen, lovely one, what kind of conundrum have you gotten me into?
You’ve made me fall in love by captivating me with your affection

Sanu Pinjre De Vich Paleya

You have imprisoned me

Rul Gaye Rul Gaye, Rah Ghar Da Bhul Gaye
Ohdi Galiyan De Vich Moye Ni

I’ve been destroyed by love and can’t find my way back home
I’m spending my life on the streets trying to get to her house

Shaman Paiyan Mera Yar Gawacha
Pher Umar Sari Assi Soye Nai

My love went missing that evening
and I haven’t slept since

Han Aisi Ton Kabhi Sazayein Na Mili
Ke Phir Tumse Nigahein Na Mili

I’ve never been punished in such a way before
I never got to see you in the eyes again

Phirte Rahe Dukanon Pe Sabhi
Jana Dard Ki Tere Par Dawayein Na Mili

I went to every medical shop
but I never obtained anything for the sufferings you caused me

Tere Ishq Ki Jane Jan Bimariyon Ne Mareya Ve
Ab Bikhre Rahenge Ya Tu Ayega Sawarega Humein

I’m dying from love
Now it’s either I stay broke or you come and fix me

Toote Aise Tere Hoke Jana Phir Hor Kise De Hoye Ni

I broke so severely after falling in love with you that I never fell in love again

Shaman Paiyan Mera Yar Gawacha, Pher Umar Sari Assi Soye Nai

I haven’t slept well since my sweetie vanished that evening