.45 Lyrics Translation in English by Wazir Patar. This song lyrics written by Roop Bhullar with music given by Wazir Patar.

Singer: Wazir Patar
Composer: Wazir Patar
Lyrics by: Roop Bhullar
Label: Speed Records

.45 Lyrics Translation in English

Oh Pehlan Hi Dasseya Gabbru De Ambarsar Dere
Sidhe Karne Han Diye Aakad De Jehde
Moj Ch Rehnda Gabbru Na Chakda Feelan
Satt Lakh Laya Gaddi Te Main Vekhle Wheel-an

I mentioned before that I am from Amritsar
If someone shows attitude towards me, I would like to teach them a lesson
I always try to enjoy my life, without getting too excited
I have invested 7 lakh rupees in my car, take a look at its wheels

Batti Wangran Aundi Aa Ni Paidan Bhaundi
Dedh Meel Ton Dikhdi Aa Lado Kali Aundi
Manzil Hauli Pa Launga Na Bahuti Kahli
Akhan Kadd Da Dabb Nal Lagga Pantali

My sleek black car speeds like a lightning bolt, visible from miles away
I am not in a rush, preferring to reach my destination calmly
As I drive, my 45 bore pistol remains holstered on my waist, ready to face any enemies that may cross my path

Matha La Lain Sade Nal Kithe Jigra Penda
Shehar Jan-da Sara Ni Main Kithe Rehnda
Oh Nave Munde Aa Mere Ton Salahan Lende
Sunde Aa Ni Meri Aap Tan Chup Ho Behnde

My enemies lack the courage to confront me
The whole city is aware of my whereabouts. Newcomers seek my advice
and listen attentively when I speak

Game-an Khed Na Mere Nal Main Har Na Jawaan
Chunni Ohle Chehra Rehan De Vekh Main Mar Na Jawaan

Girl, I don’t want to play games; I might lose this one
Please keep your face covered with your dupatta; I’m afraid I might faint if I see your beautiful face

Cheekan Kadwaunge Munde Khichi Firan Taiyaari
Ath Sal Ton Roop Te Wazir Di Aa Yaari
Ambarsar Jaane Roop Te Wazir Di Aa Yaari
Oh Majha Jaanda Rop Te Wazir Di Aa Yaari

The boys are all set to have a blast
Wazir and Roop have been pals for a span of eight years
The bond between Wazir and Roop is renowned throughout the city of Amritsar
The camaraderie shared by Wazir and Roop is a well-known fact in many districts

Aah Lokan Diyan Nazraan Ch Main
Ik Chandri De Sabraan Ch Main
Ho Nitt Diyan Khabraan Ch Main

People’s eyes are drawn towards me, as I am the center of attraction
A beautiful girl exhibits patience because of my existence
You can hear people discussing me in the daily news

Pind Saath Diyan Gallan Wich Main
Shehar Mundeyan Di Charchan Ch Main
Oh Vajj Diyan Search-an Ch Main

The village administration has even mentioned my name
The topic of conversation among city boys is also me

Hathi Paale Mere Naa Vivadh Chaunde
Karna Ni Mainu Barbad Chaunde Ne
Mast Aa Maula Di Main Gall Na Gaula

Individuals I personally nurtured are seeking out conflicts with me
and their motive is to destroy me
Despite this, I am content with my life and do not let it affect me greatly

Mera Ethe Kise Nal Koi Ni Raule
Kaam Te Aa Focus Main Lenda Load Na
Gabbru Nu Udeekda Aa Billboard

I have no quarrels with anyone present here
I am completely dedicated to my work and have no conflicts with anyone
The esteemed Billboard is eagerly anticipating the release of my songs

Wazir De Nam Te Tweet Chalda
Ni Gaana Roop Ne Aa Likhya Repeat Chalda
Ni Ganaa Gabbru Da Sohniye Repeat Chalda

Whenever my name is mentioned in tweets, they tend to gain a lot of attention
Many listeners are currently trending and playing the song by the talented songwriter “Roop” repeatedly

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