33 Lyrics Translation in English by Khan Bhaini. 33 song lyrics written by Khan Bhaini with music given by Guri Nimana.

Singer: Khan Bhaini
Composer: Guri Nimana
Lyrics by: Khan Bhaini
Label: Khan Bhaini

33 Lyrics Translation in English

Ho Number Ik Character Baliye
2 Number Da Kam Ni Koi
3 Ku Peg Te 4 Ku Bande
5 Vaje Bad Gham Ni Koi

I embody the essence of the number one
There’s nothing unlawful here
With three drinks and four companions
From 5 pm onwards, there’s no room for sorrow

Sidha Sirr Ton Maran Sixer Jattiye
Mainu Double Single Di Game Ni Aondi
Satte Hi Din Sukh Nal Jattiye
Jatt Di Kato Baghe Paondi

I hit sixes straight over the head
The game of doubles and singles eludes me
All seven days are filled with joy
The Jatt’s lifestyle is always elevated

9vi Vich Hi Badal Layi Si, Zindagi Di Script Rakane
Hun Tak Jatt De Jo Vi Pale, 10 Nohan Di Kirat Rakane

In the 9th grade, I altered the script of my life
Everything achieved by the Jatt has been through hard work

Muhre Naran Diyan Daran Piche Vairi A Hazaran
Main Te Teji Baliye Ni Dovein Hi 11

With admirers in front and thousands of enemies behind
Teji and I are inseparable, like the number eleven

Thale Kali Ghodi Poori Famous A Jodi
Dekh Hateran De Munh Te Tan Hi Vajje Paye A 12

Underneath, the black mare, our duo is widely renowned
The faces of haters are down in the dust

Ho Pb13 Vichon Utthke Tere Sector 14 Mariyan Malan
Kul 15 Gane Hun Tak Sun Layi 16 Ane Sach Ne Galan

Rising from PB 13 to Sector 14, I’ve conquered hearts
Fifteen songs in total, everything I write is a reflection of truth

Ho Nitt 17 18 Kharde Rahan De Vich Joh Ni
Je 19-21 Hogi Jatt Ton Oh 20 Sali A Honi
Joh 22 Ch Si Reh Ge Baliye

Daily, those 17 and 18 adversaries stand in my way
If I lose patience, a sentence of 20 years might be awaiting me
I clarified all that remained pending from the age of 22

Ho 24 Ghante Karde Joh Money Money Money
Bas 25 Salan Ch Sadi Ohna Nal Ni Bani
26 Van Ki Gabru Nu Chareya Ae Sal
Khore Kiniyan Rakana Di A Jan Te A Bani

Those who talk about money 24/7
I haven’t associated with them in 25 years
Now, at 26, the young man is on a roll
Countless hearts are captivated by my charm

Kal Tool Te Lata Lakh 27 Kithon Patt Lu Tera Lak Ni 28
Vely Nitt 29 Sau Milda Baliye Dabb Tan 30 Di Janti Layi

Yesterday, I spent 27 lakhs on my gear, your 28-inch waist can’t compete
Hence, I keep a 30 wrapped around my waist
Every day, 2900 so-called formidable individuals encounter me

Ho 31 March Nu Jiven Udeek De Sharabi
Mitraan De Loki Hun Udeek De A Gane
32 An Dandan De Jeri Hundi Aa Bichale, Ohnu Kabu Vich Rakho Sach Kehnde Ne Siyane

Like how drinkers await March 31st
My songs are eagerly awaited by folks
Control what lies between your teeth, wise ones say to keep it in check

Na Dil Vich Rakhi Khar Kise Layi, Te Na Main Rakhda As Rakane
Lorh Ton Gabru Vadh Ni Likhda, Hunda 33 Wala Pas Rakane

I harbor no grudges in my heart for anyone, and I don’t expect anything either
The true warrior doesn’t write more than needed, passing with a 33