Tunnel Lyrics Meaning Explain by Simba La Rue. Tunnel song lyrics written by Simba La Rue & F.T. Kings with music Produced by F.T. Kings.

Singer: Simba La Rue
Producer: F.T. Kings
Lyrics by: Simba La Rue & F.T. Kings

Tunnel Lyrics Meaning Explain

TUNNEL by Simba La Rue explores themes of darkness, isolation, and self-identity. Through the use of symbolic language and metaphor, the lyrics delve into the artist’s personal struggles and journey through a metaphorical tunnel.

In the chorus, the lines “Fu-Fu-Fumo in pubblico” (Smoking in public) and “A-A-Attiro i clienti, i cani da tartufo” (I attract customers, truffle dogs) can be interpreted as Simba La Rue’s attempt to stand out and draw attention to himself, as he seeks validation and acceptance. The mention of “riso giallo, ossobuco” (yellow rice, ossobuco) in the line “Ri-ri-ristorante, riso giallo, ossobuco” reflects the idea of material success and the luxurious lifestyle that comes with it.

The first verse incorporates references to Milan, Italy, specifically “Monte Napoleone” and “Monaco.” These locations represent luxury and wealth, highlighting Simba La Rue’s desire for success and status. In contrast, the line “Sono Simba il leone, è finito il letargo” (I am Simba the lion, hibernation is over) suggests his awakening and determination to make a mark in the music industry.

The lyrics also touch on feelings of alienation and disconnection. Lines such as “Fanculo ai tuoi testi, ascolta maranza a te solo escort” (Fuck your lyrics, listen to maranza, only escorts for you) convey a sense of frustration and rejection of societal norms and expectations. Simba La Rue feels disconnected from others and finds solace in the voices in his own head.

The metaphor of being in a tunnel symbolizes Simba La Rue’s journey through darkness and uncertainty. The line “Sono nel tunnel, mio fra sposta chili tranquillo in Uber” (I’m in the tunnel, my brother moves kilos calmly in an Uber) suggests that he is surrounded by a dangerous environment, but he remains focused on his own path. The mention of “shooter,” in the line “Sono nel tunnel, vedo le luci parlo con gli shooter” (I’m in the tunnel, I see the lights, I talk to the shooters), implies that he seeks guidance and support from his inner circle.

Overall, “TUNNEL” portrays Simba La Rue’s navigation through obstacles, battling his inner demons, and striving for success despite the darkness that surrounds him. The song serves as an anthem of empowerment and resilience, inspiring others to persevere and find their own path, even when faced with adversity.

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