Tum Hi Ho Lyrics Translation in English from the Bollywood film Aashiqui 2. Tum Hi Ho song sung by Arijit Singh and music given by Mithoon also lyrics written by Mithoon.

Film/Album: – Aashiqui 2
Singer: Arijit Singh
Composer: Mithoon
Lyrics by: Mithoon
Label: T-Series

Tum Hi Ho Lyrics Translation in English

Hum Tere Bin Ab Reh Nahin Sakte
Tere Bina Kyaa Vajood Mera

I Can’t Live Without You Now
What’s My Existence Without You

Tujh Se Judaa Gar Ho Jayenge
To Khud Se Hi Ho Jayenge Judaa

If I Get Separated From You
I’ll Be Separated From My Own Self

Kyonki Tum Hi Ho
Ab Tum Hi Ho
Zindagi Ab Tum Hi Ho
Chain Bhi Meraa Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui Ab Tum Hi Ho

Because You Alone Are
Now You Only Are
Life. You’re My Life
My Peace, and My Pain
You Alone Are My Love

Tera Mera Rishtaa Hai Kaisa
Ik Pal Door Gawaaraa Nahi
Tere Liye Har Roz Hain Jeete
Tujh Ko Diyaa Meraa Waqt Sabhi
Koi Lamhaa Meraa Naa Ho Tere Bina
Har Saans Pe Naam Tera

How’s This Relationship of Ours
I Don’t Like Distance of Even a Moment
Every Day, I Live for You
All My Time is for You
There Shouldn’t Be a Moment of Mine Without You
There is Your Name on Every Breath

Tere Liye Hi Jiyaa Main
Khud Ko Joh Yoon De Diya Hain
Teri Wafaa Ne Mujh Ko Sambhaala
Saare Ghamon Ko Dil Se Nikaala
Tere Saath Mera Hai Naseeb Judaa
Tujhe Paa Ke Adhoora Naa Raha

For You, I Lived
I Have Given Myself to You
Your Faith Took Care of Me
Took All the Sorrows From (My) Heart
With You My Fate is Attached
Getting You, Nothing is Incomplete (Within Me, I Got Completed)