Shikayat Lyrics Translation in English by Aur. Shikayat song lyrics written by Usama Ali, Ahad Khan with music given by Raffey Anwar.

Singer: Usama Ali, Ahad Khan
Composer: Raffey Anwar
Lyrics by: Usama Ali, Ahad Khan
Label: Uraan

Shikayat Lyrics Translation in English

Zakhm Dil Pe Hain Dava Karo
Aao Milke Rasmein Mohabbat Ada Karo
Kuchh Na Kar Sako Mere Liye
Toh Bas Khwabo Mein Hi Mujhse Mil Liya Karo

There are wounds on my heart; please treat them
Come, let us live up to what the traditions of love demand of us
If you can’t do anything for me
Please, meet me in my dreams, at least

Aa Mil Lo Kahi Mujhse
Ke Umeedein Kuch Baki Hai Meri, Tumse Na Jane
Hasrat Hi Rahi Ho Tum Meri
Ke Shayad Ye Din Akhiri Ho
Hum Khwahish Mein Marr Jaye

Please come meet me sometime
I’m still hoping for it
You are the one I have been longing for
Today may be the final day of my life
And I might pass away with this longing unsatisfied

A Mil Lo Kahi Mujhse
Ke Umeedein Kuch Baki Hai Meri Tumse

Come, see me someday, please
I still have some expectations of you

Leke Chalo Vahan Mujhe
Main Dekhta Hoon Asman Mein Bhi Ab Tujhe
Dekha Ek Roz Tara Tootke Gaya
Mangi Bhi Duaein Par Han Tu Nahi Mila
Wo Aya Hi Nahi Joh Ikk Dafa Gaya

Please bring me with you
I’m looking for you even in the sky
One day, I spotted a shooting star
And wished for you, but I never got you
One who left never came back

Woh Door Itna Ho Gaya Main Dekh Na Saka
Hai Dhoondta Wajah Ab Dil Ye Bewajah
Hai Toota Is Tarah Se Dil Ke Fir Nahi Laga
Toh Aa Milo Kahin, O Mere Humnashi

He moved so far away that I was unable to see him
For no apparent reason, my heart is searching for a justification for our separation
My heart was so shattered that it never healed
Please, my dear, come and meet me sometime

Main Ab Bhi Hoon Akela, Ye Tu Samjha Kyu Nahi
Wajood Dil Lagi Ki Arzoo Nahi
Mohabbat To Vahi Hai Joh Ki Milti Hi Nahi

Why didn’t you understand it? I’m still alone without you
My existence and devotion to you are not by choice
My love for you is the same, doomed to be unsatisfied

Mohabbaton Mein Jhoom Lu, Main Kya Karoon Bata
Main ‘Mukhtal’ Ya Hoon Gham Mein, Ya Main Gham Ki Hoon Dava

Should I sway and enjoy myself since I’m in love? Please tell me what I should do
Are my sorrows ‘disturbing’ me, or am I the medicine for my sorrows?

Main Baddua Hoon Ya Dua Hoon, Ya Main Hoon Saza
Ab Tu Bata Ke Main Hoon, Ya Phir Tu Hai Lapata, Tu Bata

Is it a curse, a prayer, or a punishment that I am?
So, who of us is missing, me or you? Tell me

Lapata Ho Gaye Humare Liye Tum
Itna Chaha Ke Tum Bewafa Ho Gaye
Jana Bhoolna Tha Tumhe Khuda Ki Kasam
Hath Jab Bhi Uthe Tum Dua Ho Gaye

For me, you’ve gone missing.
I spoiled you so much that you became disloyal to me
I was intended to forget about you, I swear by
But every time I raised my hands, it was to pray for you

Hothon Pe Dua Hai, Waqt Tham Nahi Raha
Tu Na Mil Saka, Tu Bas Nazam Nahi Raha

My lips are reciting prayers for you, and time has stopped
I couldn’t have you, and that threw off the balance of everything in my life

Duniya Ki Mohabbaton Ne Sab Badal Diya
Tera Gham Ajeeb Hai Woh Vahi Ka Vahi Raha
Bhoolna Main Chah Raha Tha Tujhko Is Tarah
Na Teri Jagah Koi Ho Na Ho Tu Waha

Everything has changed because of the world’s love
But your sadness is unusual, because it is still new
I was attempting to forget about you
I didn’t want to replace you with anybody, nor did I want you

Ab Teri Talash Mein Pata Chala Mujhe
Tumse Hi Shuru Hai Rat Tumse Hi Subah
Tu Mil Gayi Toh Jan Legi Zindagi Mujhe
Joh Tu Nahi Toh Chahiye Kuch Nahi Mujhe

While looking for you, I discovered
That my mornings and evenings are supposed to be spent with you
It would mean everything to me if I could find you
I don’t want anything else but you

Khwab Tu Hai Sans Tu Hi Rat Tu Subah,
Kat Dunga Zindagi Main Dekh Ke Tujhe,
Dekh Le Mujhe Ye Kat Rahi Hai Zindagi,
Ab Dekh Ke Tujhe Toot Hi Gaya Hoon,

You are my dream, night, feelings, and dawn
I could spend my whole life looking at and admiring you
Please consider how badly my life is going without you
You have now broken me, see

Tu Samet Le Mujhe Samet Le Mujhe, Kahin Bikhar Na Jau Main
To Ao Na Mere Ansu Ko Poocho, Aur Phir Se Rulao Mujhe
Mera Sab Kuch Hai Tere Liye

Please, please, please hug me so that I don’t start crying
Please come and wipe my tears so you may make me weep once again
Everything I have is exclusively for you

To Ao Na Dil Ki Batein Karo, Aur Phir Se Satao Mujhe
Mera Sab Kuch Hai Tere Liye

Please come, express yourself, and torture in your love once again
Everything I own is just for you

Mil Jaun Main Tumhein Agar Raaston Mein Kahin
Tum Rasman Hi Pooch Lena Mujhse Haal Mera
Main Muskura Kar, Gham Chupa Kar Hi Jawab Dunga
Main Yahi Karta Aya Hoon, Yeh Hai Kamaal Mera

If you ever come across me
Please inquire how I am doing
I would bury my sorrows, smile, and respond
That is my specialty and what I have been doing

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