Sehra Lyrics Translation in English by Vilen. Sehra song lyrics written by Vilen with music given by Vilen, Gaurav Pahuja.

Singer: Vilen
Composer: Vilen, Gaurav Pahuja
Lyrics by: Vilen
Label: Universal Music India

Sehra Lyrics Translation in English

Aaja Milke Jhoom Le, Phir Mile Ya Na Mile
Aaja Khushiyan Choom Le, Phir Mile Ya Na Mile

Let’s dance together, whether we will see each other again or not
Let’s embrace and enjoy the good moments, whether we will meet again or not

Tanha The Kitne Din Yahaan, Ab Aaja Na Sang Ho Chale
Kar Sake Kuchh Najme Bayan, Aur Kuch Daleele Chhod Dein

We spent many lonely days here, but now let’s walk together
Let’s share some poetry and avoid making excuses

Khoj Ke Naye Raaste, Kachi Rahein Tham Le
Aaja Khushiyan Choom Le, Phir Mile Yaa Na Mile

Let’s embrace new experiences and face the challenges of life
Let’s enjoy the good moments, whether we will see each other again or not

Mere Sehra Mein Ruk Nazron Mein Ruk Jaa Na
Dhoondhe Gairo Mein Dukh, Apno Mein Chhup Jaa Na

Remain in my arms, Pause and look into my eyes
Why search for sadness in strangers? Find comfort in your loved ones

Main Bhi Thhera Khamosh, Tu Bhi Kyon Hain Chup Jana
Teri Yadon Mein Hoke, Magan Main Bhi Khush Jana

I too, was once silent. Why do you remain silent now?
Lost in your memories, I also find joy

Leke Aankhon Mein Dukh, Mere Jane Sukh Jana
Hai Iradon Mein Kuch, To Badle Kyun Rukh Jana

Let me bear the burden of sadness in your eyes, and allow my happiness to shine
If your intentions are true, why turn away?

Kyun Hain Ghoonghat Ka Moti, Pajebon Sa Jhuk Jaa Na
Joh Tu Chhan Se Baaje, Toh Main Tann Se Japu Tera Nam

Why hide behind a veil of modesty?
Why shy away like the sound of ankle bells?

Aa Kare Bayan Yeh Mohabbat Ke Nyay
Dhun Baje Toh Ga Koi Anasuri Bat Re

When you call out to me, I will chant your name with zeal
Let’s share these fresh love stories

Tohri Ankhiyan Padhu, Phir Sawalo Mein Main
Saari Ratiyan Jagu, In Khayalon Mein Main

and reveal the untold tales when the melody plays
Allow me to decipher your eyes and remain awake with curiosity

Je Tu Kehde Mohe, Ke Main Tera Sajan
Tori Baiyan Fadu, Aur Le Jaau Tujhe

My nights will be spent pondering if you confess your love for me
If you declare your affection

Door Kahin Jahaan, Baithe Yadon Ke Ghat Re
Phir Kahe Woh Bat, Leke Hathon Mein Haath Re

I will seize your hand and take you away to a place far off where memories reside
Then, we will communicate our feelings while holding hands together

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