Press Play Lyrics Meaning Explain by Nicki Minaj ft. Future. Press Play song lyrics written by Nicki Minaj, ATL Jacob & Future with music Produced by ATL Jacob.

Singer: Nicki Minaj ft. Future
Producer: ATL Jacob
Lyrics by: Nicki Minaj, ATL Jacob & Future

Press Play Lyrics Meaning Explain

Press Play by Nicki Minaj ft. Future is a song that celebrates confidence, power, and success. It highlights the allure and influence of Nicki Minaj and her ability to captivate audiences. The lyrics also touch upon material wealth, sexuality, and the music industry. Let’s break down some key lyrics and their meanings:

In the intro, Future establishes the catchy phrase “Press play” as a call to action for listeners to engage with the song. The mention of “little booty b!tch” and “big booty b!tch” is a playful nod to women with different body types, emphasizing that both can be empowered and celebrated.

The chorus focuses on the rewards of Nicki Minaj’s success. The repeated mention of “Press play” symbolizes the control she has over her career, with baguettes (diamonds) and a new G wagon (luxury car) on the way. The line about having “killas where you stay” alludes to the presence of her security team, emphasizing her influence and protection.

In Future’s verse, he references the abundance of women, emphasizing that they are easily accessible to him. The line “Puttin’ dope on the stove, n!gga Scott Storch” refers to the production of drugs, comparing it to the work of famous music producer Scott Storch. This line can be seen as a metaphor for Future’s ability to create hits and make money.

Nicki Minaj’s verse showcases her confidence and self-assuredness. She asserts herself as a powerful and influential figure in the music industry. References to not wanting to be compared to Beyoncé and her parents not being involved in business indicate that she built her success independently and on her own terms. The line “I am your labels obsession, you’s another guinea pig” suggests that she has become a trailblazer and an inspiration for other artists to follow.

The chorus, with slight variations, reinforces the themes of success, material wealth, and the power Nicki Minaj holds in the industry. The lyrics celebrate her ability to attract attention and command respect.

The bridge and the final chorus serve as a triumphant outro, with Nicki Minaj reclaiming her power and dismissing those who try to challenge her. The mention of putting “chickens back in they coup like a two door” implies that she is putting her detractors back in their place. The phrase “It’s the gag!” serves as a declaration that she is in control and has the upper hand.

Overall, “Press Play” is a confident anthem that showcases Nicki Minaj’s dominance and success. It explores themes of power, wealth, and independence while incorporating playful language and references to the music industry. The lyrics serve as a statement of self-belief and accomplishment, empowering listeners to embrace their own power and uniqueness.

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