née-nah Lyrics Meaning Explain by 21 Savage, Travis Scott & Metro Boomin. née-nah song lyrics written by 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin & Dougie F with music Produced by Metro Boomin.

Singer: 21 Savage, Travis Scott & Metro Boomin
Producer: Metro Boomin
Lyrics by: 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin & Dougie F

née-nah Lyrics Meaning Explain

​née-nah by 21 Savage, Travis Scott, and Metro Boomin is a collaboration that combines the individual styles of each artist. The lyrics showcase their experiences in the music industry, their attitudes towards their rivals, and their successes.

In the first verse, Travis Scott describes a night out with a ballerina and some ball players. The use of the term “ball” in various contexts suggests a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. He mentions being in the bathroom with the ballerina, possibly alluding to a private experience. The reference to Nina Simone, a legendary singer and civil rights activist, when mentioning “Nina” adds a layer of cultural and historical significance. It could be interpreted as a metaphor for the ballerina’s strength and beauty.

Travis Scott also references driving while under the influence and the nostalgia of the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. These references create a sense of partying and reckless behavior.

In the chorus, 21 Savage takes over and asserts his authenticity as a member of the Slaughter Gang, implying that those who are not part of the gang are not “official.” He boasts about his wealth and willingness to spend money on getting rid of his enemies (“dismissals”). His threatening lyrics emphasize the violent consequences that can arise from disrespecting or challenging him.

In Verse 2, 21 Savage continues with a similar theme of violence and street credibility. He mentions getting his gun from Tommy Hilfiger, referencing the colors of the brand (red, white, and blue) as iconic American colors while highlighting his ruthlessness. The line “Bottega pick my kind, but I’m a field ni**a” juxtaposes luxury fashion (Bottega Veneta) with his own background in the streets, suggesting that his true identity lies in his roots rather than material possessions.

21 Savage criticizes those who claim to be “real ni**as” but don’t live up to the label. He calls out individuals who make confessions and engage in messy behavior on social media, questioning their authenticity and sincerity. He emphasizes his own capability to harm his enemies, his disregard for their music, and his intent to continue dominating. The use of metaphors and vivid descriptions adds impact to his words.

The song’s overall theme revolves around asserting dominance, proving authenticity, and expressing a disregard for anyone who opposes or disrespects the artists. There is a reflection of the street life, violence, and wealth as symbols of power and success.

In summary, “​née-nah” is an aggressive and boastful song that showcases the attitudes and experiences of 21 Savage, Travis Scott, and Metro Boomin. It encompasses themes of violence, success, and authenticity, while using metaphors, cultural references, and vivid descriptions to emphasize their dominance in the music industry and the streets.

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