Memories Lyrics Meaning Explain by Dean Lewis. Memories song lyrics written by Dean Lewis & Jon Hume with music Produced by Jon Hume & Dean Lewis.

Singer: Dean Lewis
Producer: Jon Hume & Dean Lewis
Lyrics by: Dean Lewis & Jon Hume

Memories Lyrics Meaning Explain

Memories by Dean Lewis is a heartfelt song about loss, gratitude, and cherishing the memories of a past relationship. The lyrics capture the emotions of longing and nostalgia as the narrator reflects on the impact that their loved one had on their life.

In the first verse, the lyrics “I never thought I’d see the day, That I wouldn’t see your face” convey the sense of shock and disbelief that the narrator experiences after losing the person they loved. They express regret for not fully realizing the importance of the relationship while it lasted.

The line “You always saw a light no one else could see” suggests that the person being remembered brought out the best in the narrator and had a unique understanding of them. This highlights the depth of the connection they shared.

The chorus emphasizes the significance of the memories and the gratitude the narrator feels towards their lost love. The gratitude is expressed through the lines “Thank you for all the memories, ‘Cause you’ll never know what it meant to me.” These lyrics convey both a sense of appreciation and a feeling of unspoken understanding between the narrator and their loved one.

The chorus also mentions that the person being memorialized brought peace to the narrator’s life when they were at their lowest point. This suggests that the relationship was a source of comfort, support, and emotional stability. The phrase “Held me close at my loneliest” illustrates the nurturing aspect of the partnership.

In the second verse, the lyrics express the desire to reconnect with the loved one and recapture the happiness they once shared. The line “I wish that I could call you up, Just to hear your voice, that would be enough” shows a longing for simple moments of connection and conversation.

The lyrics “And we’d laugh like we’re back at the start, And pretend we’re not fallin’ apart” depict a longing for the joy and innocence that characterized the early stages of the relationship. It also reflects the pain of accepting that the relationship has slipped away, as indicated by the line “And sometimes we would hurt each other, But you saved me from goin’ under.”

The bridge, with the repetition of “Cause I miss you more than you know,” intensifies the desire and longing the narrator feels for their lost love. It solidifies the emotional impact that the relationship had on the narrator’s life.

Overall, “Memories” is a song that memorializes a past love and the deep emotional connection shared. It emphasizes gratitude for the positive impact the person had on the narrator’s life and expresses the longing to relive those cherished memories. The song reminds listeners of the importance of appreciating the moments we have with loved ones and treasuring the memories they leave behind, even after they are gone.

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