Garfield Lyrics Meaning Explain by Szpaku. Garfield song lyrics written by Szpaku with music Produced by Kubi Producent.

Singer: Szpaku
Producer: Kubi Producent
Lyrics by: Szpaku

Garfield Lyrics Meaning Explain

Garfield by Szpaku is a Polish rap song that combines elements of trap and underground rap. The lyrics discuss various themes such as success, determination, and the struggles of the underground music scene.

In the intro, the artist mentions VAE, which is likely a reference to the Polish rapper Vae Victis. It signifies the artist’s admiration for the underground rap scene and their love for it. The line “z życia jak porno VR” (from life like a porno VR) suggests that the artist finds escape or relief in music, similar to how people use virtual reality to detach themselves from reality.

The chorus highlights the artist’s dedication to their craft. The line “Drift jak Yoru, kto dogoni mnie?” (Drift like Yoru, who will catch up to me?) references Yoru, a character from the popular video game “Valorant,” known for his speed and agility. It symbolizes the artist’s confidence in staying ahead in the rap game. “Carruję grę” (carry the game) suggests the artist’s dominance and influence in the rap industry. The line “Ej, gotuję z Kubim to, jak Master Chef” (Hey, I cook with Kubi, like Master Chef) indicates the collaboration between the artist and Kubi, metaphorically comparing their musical chemistry to a well-coordinated team in a cooking show.

In the first verse, Szpaku mentions Pikers, Maliki, and Mata, three other underground rappers. Asking Pikers about the current state of the underground scene, whether he would collaborate with mainstream artists, shows the artist’s focus on their own style and disdain for mainstream norms. The line “Najpierw pierdolicie mainstream, by potem definicję zmieniać dzieciakom” (First, you talk shit about the mainstream, then change the definition for the kids) criticizes the tendency of people to criticize mainstream music initially but later change their opinions for the sake of trendy definitions.

The artist also references Macias and Bary, two unknown figures involved in some negative incident, which they quickly tried to cover up. This line suggests that the underground scene can have its fair share of controversies. The following lines convey the artist’s determination and ambition to be recognized and successful. The reference to OLiS, the official Polish music chart, indicates the artist’s achievement of having their sixth album at number one.

Throughout the song, Szpaku expresses a sense of pride and confidence in their music. The line “Z takim swagiem, to się trzeba urodzić” (You have to be born with such swag) reflects the artist’s belief in their innate talent and unique style. They dismiss the importance of brands and instead focus on their own artistic expression.

Overall, “Garfield” aligns with the themes commonly found in rap music, such as ambition, determination, and personal expression. Szpaku uses references from pop culture and the Polish rap scene to convey their authenticity and dedication to their craft. The song’s meaning can be interpreted as a celebration of underground music and a statement against conforming to mainstream expectations.

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