Bandit Lyrics Meaning Explain by Don Toliver. Bandit song lyrics written by Don Toliver, ReidMD & Kevin Parker with music Produced by ReidMD.

Singer: Don Toliver
Producer: ReidMD
Lyrics by: Don Toliver, ReidMD & Kevin Parker

Bandit Lyrics Meaning Explain

Bandit by Don Toliver, the lyrics explore themes of power, confidence, and living a fast-paced lifestyle. The song is characterized by its repetition of the phrase “Bust it,” which serves as a metaphor for breaking boundaries, pushing limits, and making a significant impact.

The pre-chorus introduces the idea of chasing excitement and adrenaline, with lines like “Ride the highway, ride the bus” and “Walk in the strip, she gon’ make it bust.” Here, the highway and bus represent a metaphorical journey through life, while the strip refers to a club or party scene where excitement is expected to happen. The phrase “make it bust” implies a wild and lively atmosphere, echoing the overall theme of living life boldly.

The chorus further magnifies this theme of breaking boundaries and making an impact. The line “I do damage, a nigga can’t stand it” portrays a sense of dominance and power, suggesting that the protagonist’s actions have powerful consequences. The reference to Marilyn Manson, who is known for his controversial and provocative image, emphasizes the rebellious and disruptive nature of the protagonist’s actions.

Throughout the song, there are references to money, material possessions, and the illicit drug codeine (Wock’). These references reflect the glamorous and hedonistic lifestyle that the song portrays. The repeated line “I guess you won’t talk if it ain’t about the money” highlights the importance of financial success and how it drives the protagonist and those around him.

In terms of metaphors, the lyric “If I gotta reach up, I’ma keep the bitch dummy” suggests that the protagonist will continue to pursue his goals relentlessly, even if it means manipulating or deceiving others. The phrase “keep the bitch dummy” embodies a metaphorical expression of control and dominance.

Overall, “Bandit” by Don Toliver presents a picture of an individual living life on their own terms and embracing a reckless, audacious lifestyle. The song’s lyrics speak to the desire for power, excitement, and the pursuit of material success. It portrays a character who isn’t afraid to break boundaries and make an impact, even if it means pushing people away or resorting to questionable tactics.

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