6G Lyrics Meaning Explain by Booba. 6G song lyrics written by Booba with music Produced by Capotrck, Francis Cabrel & Gérard Bikialo.

Singer: Booba
Producer: Capotrck, Francis Cabrel & Gérard Bikialo
Lyrics by: Booba

6G Lyrics Meaning Explain

6G by Booba is a French rap song that delves into various themes and incorporates cultural references. The lyrics touch on themes of power, deception, societal issues, and personal struggles.

In the first verse, Booba warns about being cautious of those who desire power and control, even suggesting that one should question their own siblings. He compares himself to Mario Bros, referencing the popular video game character known for rescuing Princess Peach, and states that he won’t save the princess, symbolizing his refusal to be dominated or manipulated. Booba then juxtaposes dictatorship with a five-year term presidency, emphasizing the severity of his situation and highlighting the triviality of contemporary political systems. He mentions Hurricane Katrina, a powerful natural disaster, to emphasize how turbulent and chaotic his life can be. The reference to a pirate flag in Tampa represents rebellion and non-conformity. He metaphorically suggests that some people have cat litter in their brains, implying that their thoughts and ideas are insignificant and do not have a lasting impact. Booba also touches on the concept of sacrifice and success, comparing his mindset to the legendary French poet Arthur Rimbaud.

In the chorus, Booba expresses his determination to fight and resist conformity. He mentions speaking in Japanese on an app, showing his versatility and global reach. He dismisses the foolishness of others, implying that they will face consequences and end up in police custody. The line about digging holes to fill the gap signifies the relentless pursuit of success and striving to overcome obstacles.

The second verse begins with the provocative statement that life is a “salope” (a derogatory term for a woman), comparable to reality TV personality Maeva Ghennam needing to change her behavior. Booba addresses the topic of fraud and deception, mentioning “Blat,” likely referring to a scam or a notorious figure involved in illegal activities. He highlights his refusal to follow blindly and conform, demonstrating his independence of thought. “Entre rates-pi” refers to risky or shady dealings, implying that trust and integrity are compromised in such transactions. Booba emphasizes the idea that in the end, everyone eventually faces their own demise, but their essence or soul will remain intact. The lyrics contain references to mythical and historical figures, such as an eclipse, which suggests an impending event of great significance or change. Booba mentions Egypt and triangular buildings, alluding to ancient civilizations and their structures, symbolizing power and dominance. He criticizes those who aspire to be tyrants, demonstrating his awareness of their greed and desire for control. The line about “tears of metal leaving his iris” implies a sense of sorrow and pain caused by the unforgiving nature of the world. Booba concludes the verse with references to Kobe Bryant, using his jersey colors to illustrate the contrasting aspects of life, as well as his own personal growth and success.

Overall, “6G” by Booba speaks to themes of power dynamics, resistance, societal issues, personal struggles, and the drive for success. It critiques traditional systems and explores the complexities of human nature, ultimately encouraging listeners to think critically, question authority, and maintain their individuality in a world full of deception and manipulation.

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