Yes, And? Lyrics Meaning Explain by Ariana Grande. Yes, And? song lyrics written by Ariana Grande, Max Martin & ILYA with music Produced by Ariana Grande, ILYA & Max Martin.

Singer: Ariana Grande
Producer: Ariana Grande, ILYA & Max Martin
Lyrics by: Ariana Grande, Max Martin & ILYA

Yes, And? Lyrics Meaning Explain

The song “Ariana Grande” by Yes, and? carries a message of self-empowerment and authenticity. The lyrics highlight the exhaustion felt by everyone in society, as well as the need for individual healing from unseen struggles.

The opening lines, “In case you haven’t noticed / Well, everybody’s tired / And healin’ from somebody / Or somethin’ we don’t see just right,” allude to the emotional and mental fatigue experienced by people. This suggests that everyone is dealing with their own battles, even if they may not be visible to the outside world.

The chorus, “Boy, come on, put your lipstick on / Come on and walk this way through the fire / And if you find yourself in a dark situation / Just turn on your light and be like ‘Yes, and?'” encourages the listener to embrace their true selves and not let societal judgment or others’ opinions hold them back. The reference to putting on lipstick symbolizes putting on a brave face and navigating challenges confidently.

The phrase “Yes, and?” is a nod to the improv acting technique where performers accept and build upon their partner’s ideas. In this context, it reflects the attitude of embracing opportunities and saying “yes” to oneself. It’s a call to be bold, unapologetic, and authentic.

The verse, “Now, I’m so done with caring / What you think, no, I won’t hide / Underneath your own projections / Or change my most authentic life,” emphasizes the rejection of external judgments and the refusal to conform to others’ expectations. The lyrics urge listeners to prioritize their own happiness and be true to themselves without seeking validation from others.

The following lines, “My tongue is sacred, I speak upon what I like / Protected, sexy, discerning with my time / Your energy is yours and mine is mine / What’s mine is mine,” emphasize the importance of personal boundaries and individual agency. The singer asserts her right to speak her mind, protect her energy, and take ownership of her own life.

The verse continues with, “My face is sitting, I don’t need no disguise / Don’t comment on my body, do not reply / Your business is yours and mine is mine / Why do you care so much whose **** I ride?” Here, the artist expresses a desire for autonomy and rejects objectification. The reference to “riding” alludes to sexual partners, challenging the intrusive curiosity and judgment people may have about one’s personal life.

In summary, “Ariana Grande” by Yes, and? promotes self-assurance, self-expression, and self-love. The song encourages listeners to embrace their individuality, prioritize their own well-being, and be unapologetically authentic. It seeks to empower individuals to overcome societal pressures and live authentically, reminding them to always say “yes” to themselves and keep moving forward.

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