Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics Translation in English by Uraan. Tu Hai Kahan song lyrics written by Ahad Khan, Usama Ali with music given by Raffey Anwar.

Singer: Uraan
Composer: Raffey Anwar
Lyrics by: Ahad Khan, Usama Ali
Label: Uraan

Tu Hai Kahan Lyrics Translation in English

Ki Jab Main Hadd Se Aage Badh Gaya Tha Aashiqui Mein
Yani Zindagi Ko Le Raha Mazak Hi Mein

When I had reached the pinnacle of love
I wasn’t taking life seriously enough

Fir Mazak Hi Main Mil Gaya Sab Khak Hi Mein
Choo Kar Aaya Manzile To Tanha Tha Main Vapasi Mein

And my lack of seriousness was wrecking everything
When I returned after accomplishing my goals, I was all alone on the route

Jaise Phool Tode Honge Tumne Jholi Bharke
Main Woh Phool Joh Ki Reh Gaya Tha Shakh Hi Mein

You must have picked a lot of flowers
I was like an unlucky flower that was left unpicked and stayed on its branch

Jaise Khwab Hi Main Khwab Gahein Aankh Hi Mein
Pal Se Pal Main Kya Hua Tum Reh Gaye Bas Yad Hi Mein

Just like our eyes sing when we see dreams
It just took an instant for you to become a part of my memories

Ek Sawal Machalta Hai Mere Dil Main Kabhi
Tujhe Main Bhul Jaun Ya Tujhe Main Yad Karoon

A question haunts my thoughts
should I forget or keep thinking about you?

Tujhi Ko Sochke Likhta Hoon Joh Bhi Likhta Hoon
Ab Likh Raha Hoon Toh Fir Kyu Na Ek Sawal Karoon

Whatever I write, I write with you in mind
Shouldn’t I ask you a question now that I’m writing about you?

Main Is Sawal Se Gham Toh Badal Du Khushiyon Mein
Par Inn Bejan Si Khushiyon Se Kya Kamal Karoon

The answer to this question might turn my misery into delight
But what would I do without you, with these lifeless joys?

Par Ab Sawal Bhi Kamal, Tu Sambhal Le Filhal
Yeh Sawal Bicha Jal Kya Main Chal Chalun

Because the unanswered question intrigues me, I’d want you to tackle it
While this question is bothering me, how should I proceed?

Chaal Chal Tu Apni Main Tujhe Pehchan Lunga
Mai Apni Mehfilon Main Sirf Tera Hi Nam Lunga

I would know you if you made your next move
I would mention your name when sitting in the gatherings

Tujhe Pasand Hai Dheema Lehja Or Bas Khamoshiyan
Main Tere Khatir Apni Khudki Sanse Tham Lunga

If you prefer calmness and quiet
I will hold my breath

Kya Tere Sare Aansun Mere Ho Sakte Hai
Aisa Hai To Tere Khatir Hum Bhi Ro Sakte Hai

Could all of your tears turn into mine?
If it’s possible, I’d cry for you as well

Mere Khatir Mere Rone Par Ab Tum Bas Hass Dena
Ek Bar Teri Muskurahat Ke Piche Hum Sab Kuch Kho Sakte Hai

It would be enough if you only smiled while I cried for you
I’m prepared to give up everything for your one grin

Kya Meri Mohbbaton Ka Koi Hisab Nahi Hai
Kya Teri Aankhon Main Mere Liye Koi Khwab Nahi Hai

Does my love for you know no bounds?
Do your eyes hold no dreams for me?

Tujhe Kya Hi Karun Ghamzada Ab Jane De
Ki Tere Pas Mere Pyaar Ka Jawab Nai Hai

I’d instead not make you sad
Do you have any responses for my love?

Kitni Muddate Hui Hai, Tumne Khat Kyun Nahi Bheja
Ga Leta Hoon Tere Liye, Mausiqi Nahi Hai Pesha

You last wrote to me a long time ago
Even though singing is not my career, I sing for you

Aane Ki Khabar Hi Nahi Tere Ab
Ab Kya Masuamon Se Puchu Tere Aane Ka Andesha

There has yet to be any word about your return
When will you be returning? Should I ask the breeze?

Ankhon Mein Aansoon Nahi Hai
Kahan Hai Tu Kaha Tu Nahi Hai
Dil Ko Ye Ab Jan’na Hi Nahi, Bas Tum Chale Aao

I have no tears in my eyes
Where are you, and where are you not?
My heart isn’t interested in learning about it. Just return

Tu Hai Kahan, Khwabon Ke Iss Sheher Mein Mera Dil Tujhe Dhundta, Dhoondta
Arsa Hua, Tujhko Dekha Nahi, Tu Na Jane Kaha Chup Gaya, Chup Gaya

Where have you gone? My heart is searching for you in this city of dreams
I haven’t seen you in a long time. Where do you hide?

Aao Firse Hum Chale, Tham Lo Yeh Hath, Kardo Kam Yeh Fasle
Na Pata Ho Manzilon Ka, Na Ho Raste
Tu Ho, Main Hoon, Bethe Dono Firr, Hum Taron Ke Tale

Let there be no more space between us; hold my hand again.
We don’t care about the destination or its routes
I want to sit beneath the stars with you

Na Subah Ho Fir, Na Hi Din Dhale
Kuch Na Keh Sake, Kuch Na Sun Sake

There may be no days or nights
We may be unable to speak or hear anything

Batein Sari Woh Dil Main Hi Rahein
Tumko Kya Pata Hai Kya Ho Tum Mere Liye

All of those sentiments would go unspoken in hearts
You have no clue how much you mean to me

Kehkasha Ho Tum, Kahaniyon Ki Pariyon Ki Tarah Ho Tum
Mujhme Aa Sake Na Koi Iss Tarah Ho Tum
Ho Yaqeen Tum Mera, Ya Fir Guman Ho Tum

You are an angel from the stories of angels
Nobody else could ever compete with your beauty
Are you my pride or my belief?

Ashiyan Ho Tum, Main Bhatka Sa Musafir Aur Makan Ho Tum

You are my home. I’m a traveling wanderer, and you’re my home

Meri Manzilon Ka Ek Hi Rasta Ho Tum
Dhoondta Hai Dil Tujhe Bata Kahan Ho Tum

There is no other way to my destination but via you
Where have you gone? My heart longs for you

Ho Jahan Kahin Bhi, Aao Pas Take Aansun Mere Tham Sake
Yad Aa Rahe Ho Tum Mujhe Ab Har Lamhe
Aisi Zindagi Ka Kya Joh Tum Zindagi Main Hoke
Meri Zindagi Na Ban Sake

Come here, wherever you are, to stop my sobbing
I miss you more and more with each passing minute
What is the value of my life if you are in it
but not capable of becoming it?

Sochta Rahoon Ya Bhul Jaun Ab Tumhe
Tum Mil Hi Na Sakoge, Toh Fir Kaise Chahun Ab Tumhe

Should I think about you or forget about you?
How am I meant to continue loving you if you will never be able to meet me again?

Tere Sare Khwab Pal Main Jod Denge
Jisme Tu Hi Na Basega, Fir Woh Dil Hi Tod Denge

I could summarize all of my dreams in a single sentence
However, if you do not live in my heart, I will shatter it

Chod Denge Woh Sheher, Ke Jisme Tum Na Hoge
Toot Jayenge Makan, Woh Sare Hasraton Ke

I’m leaving the city where you don’t reside
All desires would be shattered

Guzre Pal Joh Sath Tere, Woh Pal Hai Bas Sukoon Ke
Mil Lo Ab Tum Iss Tarah Se, Ke Fir Nahi Miloge

The only times I felt at ease were when I was with you
Please come and meet as if this is our final meeting

Tuhi Tha Sath Main Mere
Kaise Main Jiyunga Akele
Tare Gin Gin Ke Hogayi Hai Subha

You were constantly by my side
How would I manage living alone?
Counting the stars has already brought dawn

Tu Hai Kahan, Khwabon Ke Iss Sheher Mein Mera Dil Tujhe Dhundta, Dhoondta
Arsa Hua, Tujhko Dekha Nahi, Tu Na Jane Kaha Chup Gaya, Chup Gaya

Where have you gone? My heart is searching for you in this city of dreams
I haven’t seen you in a long time. Where do you hide?

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