Think U The Shit (Fart) Lyrics Meaning Explain by Ice Spice. Think U The Shit (Fart) song lyrics written by Ice Spice, RIOTUSA, Synthetic & ​venny with music Produced by RIOTUSA, Synthetic & ​venny.

Singer: Ice Spice
Producer: RIOTUSA, Synthetic & ​venny
Lyrics by: Ice Spice, RIOTUSA, Synthetic & ​venny

Think U The Shit (Fart) Lyrics Meaning Explain

Think U The Shit (Fart) by Ice Spice is a catchy and energetic track that puts a twist on the phrase “think you’re the sh!t” to express superiority and confidence. Let’s delve into the key lyrics and their meanings to understand the overall message of the song.

In the chorus, Ice Spice asserts her dominance, implying that although others may think highly of themselves, they are not even worthy of being compared to something as common as a fart. This line, while humorous, carries a message of self-assuredness and owning one’s power. Ice Spice confidently states that she is going hard and breaking hearts, emphasizing her ability to stand out.

Moving on to the first verse, Ice Spice boasts about her abilities to take another person’s man without caring about the consequences. She mentions being out in the “Yams,” which could refer to being in the streets or a party environment. Keeping “one tucked” suggests that she is carrying a weapon for protection or asserting that no one can harm her. Ice Spice also expresses her success in creating popular music (“making jams”) and highlights her extravagant lifestyle, spending “four hundred bands” (dollars) just to do her little dance. These lines emphasize her status as a brand and a baddie, someone who gets what she wants while looking stylish.

Ice Spice continues to assert her superiority in the chorus, juxtaposing herself against other women who may be quick or thick, indicating that she surpasses them in both mental and physical attributes. She further showcases her wealth by stating that she is richer than someone who could potentially be rich themselves.

In the second verse, Ice Spice addresses a rival woman who thought she could catch up with her. She metaphorically places her foot on their necks, signifying her dominance and refusal to back down. The line about the woman on the floor being told to get up implies that the person is beneath her and should acknowledge her authority. Ice Spice refers to herself as this person’s “son” to diminish their power while emphasizing her own. She acknowledges that she may not be liked by others and that some may even eat away at her confidence, but she remains resilient. Ice Spice expresses her desire for a vacation, revealing that she is losing her tan, suggesting that she wants to maintain her glamorous appearance. She also prioritizes her loyalty to her partner, willing to lose anything before losing him. Ice Spice then references her talent as a rapper, describing herself as a “pretty b!tch” who doesn’t engage in physical fights but rather dominates on the beat, going “Super Saiyan” (a reference to the powerful transformation in the anime series Dragon Ball Z).

The final chorus reinforces Ice Spice’s self-assured nature, highlighting how she goes hard and breaks hearts while asserting her uniqueness compared to other women. She proudly states that although others may be quick or thick, she is thicker and richer.

Overall, the song “Think U The Sh!t (Fart)” communicates a message of confidence, dominance, and self-assurance. Ice Spice reveals her ability to capture attention, stand out, and surpass others in various aspects of life. It’s a playful yet empowering anthem that celebrates individuality and the strength to rise above the rest.

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