Skin and Bones Lyrics Meaning Explain by David Kushner. Skin and Bones song lyrics written by David Kushner with music Produced by Rob Kirwan.

Singer: David Kushner
Producer: Rob Kirwan
Lyrics by: David Kushner

Skin and Bones Lyrics Meaning Explain

Skin and Bones by David Kushner seems to be a song about intense attraction and the desire to be consumed by someone’s physical and emotional presence. The lyrics convey a feeling of being captivated by someone’s essence, as if they possess a powerful energy that electrifies the speaker.

The repeated phrase “Wrap me in your skin and bones” suggests a longing for deep connection and intimacy with this person. It implies a desire to be enveloped by their being, to become intimately entwined and merged with them. This longing for connection is emphasized by the line “You’re electrical,” portraying the person’s captivating nature as something energetic and powerful. The speaker feels drawn to this energy and desires to lose control and surrender to these intense feelings.

This song depicts a strong allure and attraction, where the speaker craves the physical and emotional closeness that this person offers. It conveys a sense of surrendering oneself to another’s presence, being consumed by them, and ultimately feeling the pull and the intensity of their connection.

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