Selfish Lyrics Meaning Explain by Justin Timberlake. Selfish song lyrics written by Justin Timberlake, Amy Allen, Theron Thomas, Louis Bell & Cirkut with music Produced by Justin Timberlake, Louis Bell & Cirkut.

Singer: Justin Timberlake
Producer: Justin Timberlake, Louis Bell & Cirkut
Lyrics by: Justin Timberlake, Amy Allen, Theron Thomas, Louis Bell & Cirkut

Selfish Lyrics Meaning Explain

Selfish by Justin Timberlake is a love song that explores the intense feelings and possessiveness one experiences when deeply in love. The song delves into the speaker’s desire to keep their partner exclusively for themselves, highlighting their jealousy and the overwhelming attraction they feel towards them.

In the first verse, the speaker asserts that if others saw their partner through their eyes, they would also fall for them. The line “But they don’t know what you want, and baby, I would never tell” suggests that the speaker knows their partner intimately, understanding their desires and wants, and that there is a level of secrecy between them. The speaker is unwilling to let go of their partner and keeps them close, implying a deep emotional connection and commitment.

The chorus reveals the speaker’s jealousy, admitting that they can’t help feeling possessive and wanting every bit of their partner. The line “It’s bad for my mental, but I can’t fight it when you’re out lookin’ like you do, but you can’t hide it, no” suggests that their partner’s attractiveness is a trigger for their jealousy, affecting their mental well-being. This jealousy is symbolized by their desire to put their partner in a frame, implying possession and control.

The post-chorus alludes to the notion that the partner is so captivating and special that they must be an angel. This imagery reinforces the idea that the speaker regards their partner as extraordinary and worthy of worship.

In the second verse, the speaker hopes to hear from their partner and share everything that’s on their mind. They express their reluctance to let other guys replace them and admit that they might be wrong in their possessiveness, but they still don’t want to let go. This highlights the internal struggle between their desire for exclusivity and their need to maintain their pride.

The bridge emphasizes the depth of the speaker’s love and attachment to their partner. The phrase “Owner of my heart” illustrates their partner’s control and influence over them, while the mention of scars suggests that they have been through challenges together, creating a strong bond.

The overall theme of “Selfish” revolves around possessiveness and the intoxicating effects of love. It explores the speaker’s jealousy, intense attraction, and the lengths they are willing to go to keep their partner exclusively theirs. The song portrays the complexities of love and the internal battle one can face when consumed by intense emotions.

In terms of cultural and historical significance, “Selfish” fits within the broader context of love songs that explore themes of possessiveness and jealousy. These themes have been explored in various genres and eras, reflecting universal experiences in relationships. The song’s modern pop sound and relatable lyrics resonate with contemporary audiences who may have experienced similar emotions in their own love lives.

In summary, “Selfish” by Justin Timberlake is a song that delves into the depth of love and possessiveness. It portrays the speaker’s jealousy, intense attraction, and their unwillingness to let go of their partner. The song’s overall meaning lies in the complicated nature of love, exploring the internal struggles one can face when consumed by intense emotions.

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