Saturn Lyrics Meaning by SZA. This song lyrics written by SZA, Carter Lang, Solomonophonic, Rob Bisel & Scott Zhang with music Produced by ​Carter Lang, Rob Bisel, Solomonophonic & Monsune.

Singer: SZA
Producer: Carter Lang, Rob Bisel, Solomonophonic & Monsune
Lyrics by: SZA, Carter Lang, Solomonophonic, Rob Bisel & Scott Zhang

Somebody’s Pleasure Meaning

Saturn by SZA is a song that reflects on feelings of dissatisfaction and longing for something more in life. The lyrics can be interpreted as a metaphorical exploration of the search for meaning, fulfillment, and escape from the difficulties of the present.

In the first verse, the singer expresses a desire for something beyond the current reality, suggesting that there may be another universe where things are different. The lines “If there’s a point to lose and love, Repeating pain, it’s all the same, I hate this place” convey a sense of disillusionment and frustration with the cyclical nature of life’s hardships.

The pre-chorus further reinforces the dissatisfaction, as the speaker feels trapped in a paradigm and devoid of belief in paradise. This reference to paradise could be seen as a cultural or religious allusion, often associated with a state of ultimate happiness or contentment. The lines “There’s got to be more, got to be more, Sick of this head of mine, Intrusive thoughts, they paralyze” highlight the singer’s yearning for a deeper significance and a release from negative thoughts and experiences.

The chorus repeats the phrase “Ooh-ooh-ooh, I tread over Saturn” which could be interpreted as a metaphor for floating away from reality or escaping to a distant and different world. The line “Find something worth saving, It’s all for the taking, I always say” suggests a desire to find meaning and purpose in life, even in moments of uncertainty.

The post-chorus emphasizes the longing for a better place, specifically Saturn, as a means to find peace and center oneself. The line “None of this matters, Keeping me centered” conveys a sense of detachment and the belief that the struggles and pain experienced in this world are insignificant or transient compared to the greater cosmic perspective.

In the second verse, the singer questions the concept of karma and its fairness. The line “If karma’s really real, How am I still here? It just seems so unfair, I could be wrong, oh” reflects a disillusionment with the idea that good deeds are always rewarded. This questioning may stem from personal experiences of hardship despite attempts to be a good person.

The repeated reference to being stuck in a “terror dome” and the description of the world as terrible suggests a negative outlook on the current state of affairs. The lines “Intrusive thoughts, they paralyze, The fun is done, to summarize” highlight the impact of negative thoughts and the disillusionment with life’s supposed pleasures.

In the chorus, the singer mentions spinning around Saturn, which further reinforces the desire to escape from the current pattern of dissatisfaction and float away to a different reality. The repeated phrase “Find something worth saving, It’s all for the taking, I always say” echoes the earlier sentiment of seeking something meaningful and worth fighting for.

Overall, the song “Saturn” by SZA delves into the feelings of restlessness, dissatisfaction, and the search for a deeper significance in life. It explores the desire to escape from the cyclical struggles and negative patterns of existence, finding solace and centering in an imagined alternate universe represented by Saturn. The song encourages listeners to question the status quo, challenge belief systems, and strive for a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

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