redrum Lyrics Meaning Explain by 21 Savage. redrum song lyrics written by 21 Savage & London on da Track with music Produced by London on da Track.

Singer: 21 Savage
Producer: London on da Track
Lyrics by: 21 Savage & London on da Track

redrum Lyrics Meaning Explain

Redrum by 21 Savage is a gritty and aggressive track that explores themes of violence, street life, and loyalty. The title itself is a play on the word “murder” spelled backward, adding to the song’s dark and menacing atmosphere. Here is a breakdown of the key lyrics and their meanings:

In the chorus, 21 Savage asserts his desire for success and warns others not to cross him. He uses the phrase “breadcrumb” to symbolize leaving behind evidence or clues, implying that he won’t leave any traces of his criminal activities. When he says, “Thought a ni**a said sum’,” it can be seen as a threat to those who underestimate him or doubt his abilities. The repetition of “redrum” in the chorus and throughout the song emphasizes the violent and dangerous nature of his lifestyle.

In verse 1, 21 Savage references his involvement in criminal activities, using coded language like “May” for Maybach, “K” for a firearm, and “A” for Atlanta. He boasts about his authority and influence in the streets, claiming that people do what he says. The line “My Glock Gen5 said hey” personifies his firearm and showcases his reliance on it for protection. He also talks about his willingness to confront his enemies and his disregard for the consequences.

There are various cultural and historical references in the song. “G Block” refers to Zone 6, a neighborhood in East Atlanta where 21 Savage grew up. It is known for its high crime rates and gang activity. The line “My lil’ brother beat his body, OJ” references O.J. Simpson’s infamous murder case. Here, 21 Savage suggests that his brother has committed a similar act and gotten away with it. The references to “La Flame” and “mascot” are aimed at mocking other rappers and downplaying their gang affiliations. Additionally, the line “Two revolvers on my waist, John Wayne” alludes to the renowned Western film actor known for his tough and fearless persona.

In verse 2, 21 Savage continues to assert his dominance and street credibility. He addresses the consequences of snitching and warns against subtweeting (indirectly criticizing) him. The line “I got big kahunas and I’m lettin’ ’em hang” signifies his bravery and confidence. He also mentions smoking his own “brothers,” suggesting a disregard for loyalty and an acceptance of violence within his circle. The reference to “Little pigs” and the quote “Not by the hair on your chinny-chin-chin? Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down. Here’s Johnny” is taken from the story of the Three Little Pigs and the movie The Shining. It adds a sinister and threatening tone to the outro of the song.

Overall, “Redrum” presents a portrayal of 21 Savage’s life in the streets, where violence, loyalty, and power play significant roles. The lyrics exhibit his fearless attitude, dominance, and disregard for authority and consequences. The song highlights the harsh reality of inner-city communities and the struggles faced by individuals involved in street life. It serves as a raw and unfiltered expression of 21 Savage’s experiences and mindset.

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