Parinda Lyrics Translation in English by Panther, Priyanka Meher. Parinda song lyrics written by Panther with music given by Nikhil-Swapnil.

Singer: Panther, Priyanka Meher
Producer: Nikhil-Swapnil
Lyrics by: Panther
Label: Panther

Parinda Lyrics Translation in English

Ghoomta Hai Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha
Ghoomta Hai Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha
Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha
Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha

A broken bird wanders, angry and resentful
A shattered bird roams, furious and bitter
Broken, angry and resentful bird
Broken, furious, and spiteful bird

Kah De Na Duniya Se, Main Duniya Ke Na Kabil
Hain Tezi Duniya Mein, Mera Dil Haule Chalta Hai Kafi
Yahan Talvaren Hathon Mein Aur Apne Hathon Mein Hai Syahi
Inko Hi Aadat Hain, Hamen Aadat-E-Wah-Wahi
Jhooth Chehre Pe Bolun Toh Phir Main Khas Kaise Hua?
Sach Bola Na Toh Phir Tere Dil Ke Pas Kaise Huya?
Ummidon Pe Khara Nahin Toh Teri Aas Kaise Huya?
Yeh Insaniyat Hai Jalti, Yeh Koi Ghas Ka Nahin Dhuan
We’re Dying, Ya Phir Zinda Hain Koyi

Tell the world, I am not worthy of the world
The world is fast, my heart beats slowly
Here they have swords in their hands and I have ink in mine
They are used to flattery, I am used to praise
How did I become special if I lie on my face?
How did I get close to your heart if I didn’t tell the truth?
How did I become your hope if I didn’t live up to your expectations?
This is humanity burning, this is not smoke from grass
Are we dying, or is anyone alive?

Pehla Lagta Tha Mujhe Bhi Karam Likhta Hai Koyi
Main Galat Hota Hoon Par Mujhe Galat Dikha Aur Koyi
Joh Pehlu Badle Har Mauke Pe Chalta Sikka Hai Wohi
Yeh Bhookh Khaane Pe Au Zyada Bhadhti Ja Rahi Hain
Jalti Inansaniyat Toh Dharti Tapti Jaa Rahi Hain
Logon Ke Dil Huye Thande Ya Phir Sardi Chha Gayi Hain
Banana Hain Ghar Toh Pohncha Bhi Na Sahi Se, Kyunki

I used to think that someone writes fate
Even if I am incorrect, I attempt to recognize what is wrong in others
The coin that changes sides every time is the one that runs
This hunger is increasing after eating
The burning humanity is making the earth hot
People’s hearts have become cold, or has winter come?
I have to build a house but I have not reached home properly because

Gharonda Bacha Na, Ujhad Gai Daali-Daali
Asman Hain Viraana, Jahan Hain Khali-Khali
Udun Main Kahan Ko? Pata Na Hain Manzil Ka
Puche Koi Naam Tera To Maine Hain Rab Likha

The nest was not saved, and all of its branches were destroyed
The sky is abandoned and empty
Where should I fly? I’m not sure where we are going
If someone wonders what your name is, I wrote God

Uda Kaga, Uda Aasman Mein
Ghar Se Dur Jaaye, Gharwalon Ki Bat Man Ke
Shuru Rasta Hua Toh Dil Hain Har Man Le
Par Chalna Iklauta Rasta, Jivan Rag Samne

Crows soar toward the sky
Going far from home, obeying its family
If the path starts, the heart is ready to give up
But walking is the only way, life’s melody is ahead

Nai Jagah, Nai Hawa, Naye Baadal, Nai Vajah
Dhire-Dhire Lagne Lagi Apne Ghonsle Ki Tarah
Dur Ghar Se, Naya Makan, Itna Hosh Hi Hain Kahan?
Par Yeh Makan Toh Phir Aksar Ghar Pe Lautne Ki Tarap
Parinde Ka Ghute Dam
Parinde Ko Mile “Tum” Mil Ke Bole Na Koee “Ham”

New place, new air, new clouds, new reason
Gradually it started to feel like its own home
Far from home, new house, where is so much sense?
But this house often yearns to return home
The bird is suffocating
The bird found “you”, but they didn’t say “we” together

Parinda Hain Bheed Mein Par Sunasaan Lage Sab
Parinde Ko Maan Kee Yaad Aae Par Bole Na, Use Aatee Hain Sharam
Parinda Hain Pareshaan Use Ghonsala Na Mile
Ghar Kee Bhare Vo Udaan Par Koee Hausla Na Mile
Aasaman Ude Vo Toh Use Josh Kahan Mile?
Dosh Dene Valee Duniya Mein Yahan Dost Kahan Mile? Bata

The bird is in the crowd but feels lonely
The bird misses its mother but doesn’t say anything, it feels ashamed
The bird is troubled, it can’t find a nest
It takes off from home but doesn’t find any motivation
Where will it find the courage to fly in the sky?
Where will it find friends in a world that blames? Tell me

Maramaree Machee Dane-Dane Ki
Yahaan Hod Machee Neeche Gira Ke Bas Aage Jaane Ki
Dekhane Vale Duniya Nahin Dikhane Vale Ki
Rotee Kamanee Nahin Chheenanee Hai Bas Khane Wale Ki
Mile Sab Ko Yahan Jagah Kafee Phir Pade Kafee Na Yeh Jagah Sabako Rooth Ke Ye Gila
Insanon Mein Bhee Kafee Mainne Dhoondhe Hain Insan
Par Ek Bhee Naa Mujhe Kaheen Dhoondhane Pe Mila

There is a fight for every grain
There is a competition to bring each other down and just move ahead
The world doesn’t see the doer, but the showman
One doesn’t earn bread, but just snatches it from the eater
Everyone gets enough space here, but still this place is not enough, everyone complains about it
I have searched for humans among humans
but I haven’t found a single one

Ud Jaa Kaaga, Re, Tora Ambar Toke Pukaare
Ud Jaa Kaaga, Re, Tora Ambar Toke Pukaare

Fly high, crow. Your amber is calling for you
Soar high, crow; the sky is beckoning for you

Ghoomta Hain Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha
Ghoomta Hain Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha

A broken bird wanders, angry and resentful
Anguished and bitter, a broken bird roams

Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha
Toota-Toota, Parinda Rootha-Rootha

Broken, angry and resentful bird
Broken, angry and resentful bird

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