Only me Lyrics Meaning Explain by Asake. Only me song lyrics written by Asake with music Produced by Blaise Beats.

Singer: Asake
Producer: Blaise Beats
Lyrics by: Asake

Only me Lyrics Meaning Explain

Only me by Asake is a song about self-reliance, independence, and the pursuit of success. The lyrics express the artist’s determination to handle all responsibilities, whether financial or personal, on their own. The song conveys a sense of confidence and resilience, with the artist asserting their ability to overcome challenges and succeed despite any obstacles they may face.

In the pre-chorus, Asake emphasizes their individuality, stating that they are in their own lane and do not need anyone’s validation or interference. The mention of being “classy” implies that they have a certain level of sophistication and self-assuredness.

The chorus serves as a proclamation of the artist’s self-reliance. They assert that they can handle all their financial obligations alone and have already paid their dues. The line “Na why they wan use love kill only me” suggests that others may try to take advantage of their success or use their emotions against them, but Asake remains steadfast in their determination to stand strong and not let anyone bring them down.

In the verse, Asake reiterates their independence, emphasizing that they do not rely on anyone and are focused on their own progress. The line “If you put body collateral damage” suggests that anyone who tries to impede their success will ultimately suffer the consequences. The reference to “omo iya mi” (my mother’s child) highlights the artist’s strong bond with their family, which fuels their motivation to succeed.

The overall message of the song is one of empowerment and self-assurance. Asake encourages listeners to embrace their independence, work hard, and not let anyone hinder their progress. The repeated assertion of “only me” reflects the artist’s confidence in their abilities and determination to achieve success on their own terms.

In terms of cultural references, the song incorporates elements of Nigerian Pidgin English, a widely spoken creole language in Nigeria. This adds an authentic and relatable touch to the lyrics, making them resonate with Nigerian audiences. Additionally, the mention of “euphoria” may allude to the joy and satisfaction that comes from achieving personal and financial success.

Symbolically, the lyrics feature the idea of “money” repeatedly, which can be seen as a metaphor for success, stability, and the ability to handle one’s responsibilities. It represents the artist’s desire for financial independence and the freedom it affords.

In summary, “Only me” by Asake is a song that emphasizes self-reliance, independence, and determination. The lyrics convey the artist’s unwavering confidence in their abilities and their refusal to let anyone hinder their progress. Through its empowering message and cultural references, the song encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and work towards their goals, regardless of any challenges they may face.

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