Maharani Lyrics Translation in English by Karun, Arpit Bala, Revo Lekhak. Maharani song lyrics written by Karun, Arpit Bala, Revo Lekhak with music given by Lambo Drive.

Singer: Karun, Arpit Bala, Revo Lekhak
Composer: Lambo Drive
Lyrics by: Karun, Arpit Bala, Revo Lekhak
Label: Teesri Duniya

Maharani Lyrics Translation in English

Door Na jana tu mujhse, door
Han, Door na jana tu mujhse, door
Door Na jana tu mujhse, door
Han, Door na jana tu mujhse, door

Don’t leave me far behind
Yes, don’t part with me; stay near
Don’t fade away into the distance
Yes, don’t wander too far, my dear

Han Ji, han ji, de do mic pe lightup
Hain Bolna bahut kuchh toh khol li botal
And I swear to God, this ain’t that liquor talk
Mujhe Nahi karna flex, par ye bandi aisi

Give the mic a fiery lightup
I’ve got much to say, so let words begin to flow
I speak the truth; no drunken boast
She is not seeking to impress, yet she shines nonetheless

Gunguna Hi deti mere gaane sun ke
Mano Ratt ke baithi mere verse yeh sare
Bandi Boycut rapper, ispe line hai ladkon ki
Par Gati gane sirf mere wale

She hums softly when hearing my songs
Knows verses by heart; each one belongs
A boycut lady rapper, the guys all pitch their lines
But she sings only tunes that are mine

Bhai, Sach mein bolun toh yeh bandi set hain
Na Yeh phoonke mal aur na yeh karti diet hain
Mera Dil bhi dekhe, pooche, kaun hain, bhai?
Main Kehta bhai toh bhai, Yeh tere bhai ki setting hain

Bro, truthfully said, she’s someone rare
No weed or diets; she’s her own soul
My heart itself asks, Who is she, bro?
I tell my brother, She’s meant for me

Tujhe Dekh ke pighal sa jata main
Fikar Unki joh rahein teri galiyon mein
Han Ji, rehti tu band kamron mein se
Kabhi Dekh le khud ko tu sheeshe mein

Seeing you, I melt away
Worried for those lost in your streets
Yes, you remain in closed rooms
Sometimes I see your reflection

Han Ji, nazrein utarti sheeshe se
Aankhein Aise jaise kanche aur kanchi hain
Baki Saari abb lagti hain feeki si
Tu Hi tu aur tu hi anjeeri si

Yes, you lower your shy eyes
Eyes like shimmering glass
All else seems faded and dull
Just you, yes, only you, sweet as a fig

Rehta Tha behka, par tere deewano se darta tha thoda sa
Thoda Toh main bhi abb tere deewano se rahata hoon behka
Teri Kanche si ankhon mein rehta hoon behka sa

Once I wandered lost, your fans made me wary
Now I too ramble, lost in your fans’ glow
Lost and bewildered in your glassy eyes

Maharani Jaisi tu balkhati jati hain
Maharani Jaisi tu na mujhe samajh mein ati hain

You shine bright like a queen ascending
I cannot grasp your queenly air

Aana-Jaana laga rehta, ana-jaana laga rehta
Aana-Jaana laga rehta, ana-jaana

The comings and goings stayed the same
Goings and arrivals played their game

Yon Ankhi teri chupdi ma chhod ke chan-ban
Doobi-Doobi ankhyon ma teri ve jali sham
Nau Tero, gaun tero pata nahi, bas yad
Mitain Maya ki chhaya teri, tu chhai meri ban

Eyes leave me spellbound in their snare
In your sunkissed eyes, evening ensnares
Nine or ten, who knows? It comes to mind
Erase illusions’ shade; you are light, I find

Han, Likh doon Char lakh kisses us rat pe
Jis Rat ke deewane main aur mera dil
Tere Peeche main Ghalib, ghatiya plan yeh
Aaj Ki sajish mere car ki, han ji

Yes, I could write four hundred thousand tales all night
A night when I and my heart ran wild
Behind you, I’m Ghalib, planning amiss
Today’s plot involves my car, yes

Par In usoolon ka main ban chuka qatil
In Usoolon ki hai khud se jan li, han ji
Tu Janti hain kyun? Nam tera janta nahi
Janna Hoon chahta, lekin pooch nahi pata
Sh_t, Janta nahi kyun

But I killed those principles dead
I learned their essence instead
Know why? I don’t know your name
I wish to ask but cannot speak
Damn, the reason’s bleak

Yeh, Pyaar tha ya moh? I’m confused
Joh Line ajj kar rhyme raha
Kari Na mehsoos tujhe dekhne se pehle
Aur Dekhe bina shayad fir na ho paye mehsoos

Was it love? Infatuation’s ruse?
The lines are rhyming today
I didn’t feel them before I saw your face
Without that sight, they’ll fade away

Yeh Nasha tujhe dekhne se faile
Tabhi Yad teri jam samajh
Tohfa Sa ek rakhun tujhe chhupa ke mehfooz
Ab Tu pyaar de ya jan le
Mujhe Sab hai qubool, mujhe sab hai qubool

Intoxication spreads at your sight
Then I grasp your essence, bright
A gift to hide, keep private, and be safe
Give love now or take my life
I accept it all, all of it, yes

Door Na jana tu mujhse, door
Han, Door na jana tu mujhse, door
Door Na jana tu mujhse, door
Han, Door na jana tu mujhse, door

Don’t fade too far from my view
Yes, linger here; go away from me
Distance steals you away, it seems
Yes, together, let our hearts beam

Fir na milegi tu
Na mujhe milti hain tu

We’ll never reunite
I cannot find you

Hello, Hello, Check, check, check, check
Meri Ankhein tujhe karne lagi hain check
Teri Batein mujhe karne lagi hain stress
Kamar Teri, oh, baby, karne lagi impress

Hello, hello, test this mic out loud
My eyes begin checking you out
Your words begin my mind to flout
Your waist, baby, leaves an impression that is fine

I Guess we’ll have s_x while we’re trying to make it out
Have Fun, chill, and try to figure it out
Samajh Na sake mujhe koi bhi yahan pe
Bina Chune, how the f__k pura luta jahan ne mujhe

I guess we’ll mesh while seeking the divine
Have fun, chill out, and find solutions we’ll outline
None here can comprehend me, not one soul
Without asking, how did the world take its toll?

Qasmon Mein, wadon mein jaane ka shauq nahi hain
Karmo Mein jadoo dekha tabhi peeche hum hi hain

No desire for oaths or empty words
In actions lies the magic; that’s our curse

Tere Shagird bane, Hazir hue, Ghalib bane, and Zalim hue
Hal-E-dil ke qatil hue, wajib si baton se hi malik hue
Maharani, Tere adi hue, maharani, tere hum adi hue

I became your student, turned cruel, and became Ghalib in kind
Killed my heart’s state, words make mastery find
Queen, your devout follower, your wish, I heed

Bolya Ve kyun tere piche ni main pagal pe gyun?

Tell me why, for you, I’ve crazy gone indeed

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