Heaven Lyrics Meaning Explain by The Kid Laroi. Heaven song lyrics written by The Kid LAROI, Omer Fedi, Blake Slatkin & Louis Bell with music Produced by Omer Fedi & Blake Slatkin.

Singer: The Kid Laroi
Producer: Omer Fedi & Blake Slatkin
Lyrics by: The Kid LAROI, Omer Fedi, Blake Slatkin & Louis Bell

Heaven Lyrics Meaning Explain

Heaven by The Kid LAROI is an emotional tribute to a person who has saved the artist from a dark and reckless past. In the song, the artist reflects on his previous lifestyle of drinking and getting high every night, with no deeper purpose or hope to live for. He describes feeling numb and lost inside until this special person comes into his life and changes everything.

The chorus “Heaven is a place I don’t wanna go, ‘Cause when I see your face, I don’t wanna die no more” alludes to the common metaphor of heaven as a place of ultimate peace and rest. However, the artist’s perspective is different – he feels like he has already found heaven on earth through this person’s love and support. He no longer feels the urge to escape to a better place because he has found true happiness in the present.

The second verse “You found my walls and tore them down, Never afraid of what you found, You know my past, you asked around, But you can feel I’m different now” highlights the level of trust and vulnerability the artist has with this person. They have been able to break down the walls he has built up around himself and truly see him for who he is, past and all. He now feels like he can move forward confidently, knowing that he has someone who truly understands and supports him.

Overall, “Heaven” is a raw and heartfelt expression of gratitude towards someone who has helped the artist overcome his demons and find true happiness in life. It is a celebration of love and the transformative power it can have on a person’s life.

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