Daaku Lyrics Translation in English by Badshah, Sharvi Yadav. Daaku song lyrics written by Badshah with music given by Hiten.

Singer: Badshah, Sharvi Yadav
Composer: Hiten
Lyrics by: Badshah
Label: Badshah

Daaku Lyrics Translation in English

Toppe Pe Bandi Teri Toppe Pe System
Chhodke Joh Gaye Mujhe I Don’t Really Miss Them
Do Do Baar Banaye Maine Career, Logon Ke
That’s Why I Don’t Really Diss Them

Nothing matters to me, not your girl, not the system
Those who have moved on from me don’t matter to me
Twice, I have helped people build their careers
I don’t actually diss them because of this

Soul, Kaam, Gaadi Teeno Kaali Kaali
Raat Mein Lakho Udaa Doon Logo Pe Jazbaat Mein
Mere Jaise Pagal Ghoome Mere Sath Mein
Gehre Hai Matlab Meri Har Baat Mein

Spirit is low, All three cars are black
I will spend lakhs of rupees at night, in emotion on people
Only those who are crazy like me hang out with me
Everything I say is very important

Bombay Mein Baithe Bollywood Wali Zaat Ni
Zor Laga Liya, Aate Hum Hath Ni
Rappero Wali Hum Mein Koi Baat Ni
Par Khali Hath Aaye, Aisi Koi Raat Ni

I live in Mumbai city but I don’t feel like Bollywood
We tried very hard, Now we will not fall into anyone’s hands
We don’t have a rapper thing in us
We don’t have a rapper thing in us

Hathon Mein Whisky Hain
Kaam Kiye Joh Saare Risky Hai
Scene Sadak Pe Hi Banega Aaj
Gaadi Hata Lo Yeh Kiski Hain

We have whiskey in our hands
Whatever we did was very risky
Whatever happens today will happen on this road
Move this car away from here whose car is this

Gaadi Shor Machaye Suniyo
Aakhein Kaun Milaye Suniyo
Chaal-chalan Aur Tevar Chaaku
Bachke Rahiyo Ladke Hain Daaku

Our cars are making a loud noise! Can you hear it?
Hey there, listen up! Who is brave enough to confront us?
Our behavior and attitude are sharp and edgy
We come from a lineage of robbers, so please maintain a safe distance

Hila Nahi Top Se Nahin Koi Plan Hai
Hater’on Ko Dhoondu Jaise Eye Meri Dan Hain
Aise Bhi Shehar Hain Jinme Hum Ban Hai
Kali Rr Hai, Teri Yeh Reten Hain

I have never moved after reaching the top and I have no plans to move.
My eyes are like drones, I keep looking for haters.
There are places in the world where we are banned.
We have two Rolls-Royals

Ye Gen-z Ke Chode, Lo-fi Se Ni Bahar Aare
Gande in Laundo Ke Game Ni Sambhal Paare
Marne Ko Padi Baazi, Phir Bhi Na Maar Paare
Kalle Ni Aare, Hum Sath Mein Toofan Laare

Gen-Z kids are still listening to Lo-fi music
These boys’ game is very dirty, They can’t even control themselves
They lack the ability to take someone’s life, even if it’s a matter of life and death
We are a perfect team, and together we can overcome any obstacle

Hype Hain Kitni Ye Show Mera Gawahi Bhare
Kuch Bhi Naa Kare but Kare to Tabahi Kare
Gaadi Aur Kaam Mein Lagte Break Ni
Zyada Na Dikhe Par Dikhe to Phir Dekh Ni

How much hype I have, can be known only by watching my show
If we don’t do anything we just sit and if we do something we create havoc
We don’t take breaks while driving or working
We don’t show off much, if we do then people just keep watching

Hathon Mein Whisky Hai
Apni Thodi Si Khiski Hai
Humko Rok Le Joh Ga*d Mein Dam Bete Kiski Hai?

We have whiskey in our hands
Our mind is a little crazy
If anyone has the courage then stop us and show it

Gaadi Shor Machaye, Suniyo
Aakhein Kaun Milaye, Suniyo
Chaal-chalan Aur Tevar Chaaku Bachke Rahiyo
Ladke Hain Daaku

The cars are making noise, dear
No one can make eye contact with us, dear
Our moves and behavior are like the edge of a knife
always stay away from us because we are the sons of robbers