Chaand Lyrics Translation in English by Brave Wrld. Chaand song lyrics written by Brave Wrld with music given by Dheeraj.

Singer: Brave Wrld
Composer: Dheeraj
Lyrics by: Brave Wrld
Label: Innovura Entertainment

Chaand Lyrics Translation in English

Hola Cómo Estás, Iska Matlab How Are You Shayad Han

It is possible that it means, how are you?

Theek Hoon Main Tu Bata Kaisi Hain Kaisa Hain Hal Tera
Batein Toh Hoti Nahi Ab Humari, Par Iska Na Kabhi Malal Rakha
Teri Yadon Ko Dil Ne Sambhal Rakha
Sari Photo Ko Maine Nikal Rakha
Aur Chhupa Di Woh Yaadein Kitabon Ke Beech Mein
Taki Na Poochun Sawal Khud Se

Yes, I’m doing well, How about you?
We haven’t been talking lately, but that’s okay
I still cherish the memories of you in my heart
even though I have deleted all your photos
I have stored away those memories in books
so I don’t have to constantly think about you

Kya Thi Wajah Mujhe Bhi Pata Na Aakhir Sawal Kaisa
Jawab Toh Pas Tha Tere
Par Tu Hua Gayab Amavas Ke Chand Jaisa

I’m unaware of the reason, and it’s a perplexing question, too!
The solution was in your hands
But you vanished like the moon during the night

Teri Aankhon Mein Maine Tha Chaand Dekha
Aur Main Na Tujhko Tare Chand Deta
Par Dil Ke Woh Sare Arman Deta
Mere Prem Ka Kya Hi Praman Deta

I could perceive the moon in your eyes
Even though I can’t offer you the entire universe
I can fulfil your heart’s desires
What can I do to prove my love?

Ab Baitha Main Khud Ke Saath Mein
Likha Yeh Gaana Do Jam Ke Bad Mein
Ban Baithe Shayar Hum Pyar Mein Tere
Zamane Ke Shor Se Door Aazad Main

I am currently alone with my thoughts
After having two drinks, I composed this song
Your love inspired us to become poets
I am now free from the distractions of the world

Bas Tera Khayal Hain Sath Mein
Raton Mein Nikle Yeh Dard Zaban Se
Khushiyon Ke Baadal Hon Sir Pe Tere
Inhi Dua Se Bhar Diya Poora Jahan Ye

My mind is filled with thoughts of you
At night, my tongue expresses my pain
I pray for your happiness always
My prayers extend to the entire world

At least not for us
I mean it shouldn’t be this hard you know
Were always fighting and saying things that we don’t mean
And then we cant take them back and I hate this

Uh Main Bhi Hoon Theek Na Koi Hain Saath Toh Phir Ye Sawal Kaisa
Han Chhod Ke Gayi Thi Haath Main Tera Par Toone Bhi Thama Na Saath Waisa
Tere Vadon Ko Maine Tha Yad Rakha Mere Dil Ke Kone Mein Tha Pyaar Tera
Zamane Ki Baton Se Huyi Khafa Par Tu Jane Mujhe Tu Sambhal Leta

I am doing well, and I wonder how you feel when you are alone
Even though I let go of your hand, you didn’t seem to hold onto it either
I still remember the promises you made and the love you had for me
The world’s troubles were getting to me, but I knew you would be there to help me

Aayi Main Wapas Thi
Par Mere Dil Mein Tha Dar Tu Nahi Pas Hoga
Toh Phir Jeene Ka Kya Vo Ehsas Hoga
Hum Bichhde Toh Dard Ka Hi Saath Hoga

I left, but I was worried you wouldn’t be there when I returned
Without you, life would only bring pain
You once saw the moon in my eyes, but it’s now tarnished
I know you’re upset with me, and I understand why you haven’t written back

Meri Aankhon Mein Tune Tha Chand Dekha
Par Yeh Chaand Samete Hai Dagh Gehra
Tu Naraz Hai Mujhse Hum Man Baithe
Tabhi Likha Na Tujhko Jawab Phir Se

You saw the moon in my eyes
but this moon has deep stains
You are angry with me
which is why I didn’t write back

Ab Baithi Main Khud Ke Saath Mein
Sunun Bas Gaane Samet Ke Khwaab Yeh
Padhun Kitabein Aur Shayari Yad Mein
Khud Ke Hi Shor Mein Qaid Aawaz Yeh

I am currently alone with my thoughts
After having two drinks, I was inspired to write this song
Your love has turned us into poets
Away from the chaos of the world, I am now free

Bas Tera Khayal Hai Sath Mein
Raton Mein Niklein Kyun Aansu In Aankh Se
Khushiyon Ke Baadal Hon Sir Pe Tere
Inhi Dua Se Bhar Diya Poora Jahan Yeh

My mind is filled with thoughts of you alone
At night, my tongue reveals the pain I feel
I pray for nothing but happiness to surround you always
My prayers for you have spread throughout the entire world

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