Breathe Lyrics Meaning Explain by Yeat. Breathe song lyrics written by Yeat, ​bart how & ​star boy with music Produced by Bart how & ​star boy.

Singer: Yeat
Producer: ​Bart how & ​star boy
Lyrics by: Yeat, ​bart how & ​star boy

Breathe Lyrics Meaning

Breathe by Yeat is a song that embodies a sense of arrogance and superiority. It explores themes of wealth, power, and the desire for validation. The lyrics convey a disregard for others and a focus on personal success, while also touching on themes of envy and competition.

In the chorus, the repetition of the word “breathe” suggests that the speaker does not give others a chance to catch their breath or find their own success. The line “I’ma ask you to leave” signifies a sense of control and authority, reinforcing the dominant and self-centered nature of the narrator.

The opening lines of the chorus, “I was bored by the jet, made a billion / Nah fuck that, bitch, I need a trillion,” speaks to the extravagant lifestyle and insatiable desire for wealth and indulgence. The explicit language used reflects a brazen and unapologetic attitude towards materialism.

The line “And as far as I can tell they wanna sound like me, they wanna be like me” implies that the narrator believes others envy their success and aspire to be like them. This can be seen as a reflection of modern society’s obsession with wealth and fame, as well as the desire for validation and recognition.

Throughout the song, the narrator demonstrates a sense of self-importance and dismisses the importance of others’ opinions and feelings. The lyrics use metaphorical and combative language, such as “squish you like a bug” and “wash the blood off my hands, I need Dove,” to portray a ruthless and dominant persona.

The repeated lines “Hold your breath ’til you pass out / I hope you die, you crash out” convey a desire to see others fail or suffer, further emphasizing the narrator’s power-hungry and vindictive nature. However, it is worth noting that these lines are likely used metaphorically to signify the narrator’s desire to dominate and surpass others rather than literal harm.

Overall, “Breathe” presents an image of excessive wealth, arrogance, and a relentless pursuit of success. It confronts themes of competition, envy, and the corrosive effects of materialism. The song’s significance lies in its critique of a societal fixation on wealth and power, as well as the toxic behaviors that can arise as a result.

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