Beautiful Things Lyrics Meaning Explain by Benson Boone. Beautiful Things song lyrics written by Benson Boone, Jack LaFrantz & Evan Blair with music Produced by Evan Blair.

Singer: Benson Boone
Producer: Evan Blair
Lyrics by: Benson Boone, Jack LaFrantz & Evan Blair

Beautiful Things Lyrics Meaning Explain

Beautiful Things by Benson Boone explores the themes of gratitude, fear of loss, and the appreciation of life’s blessings. The song begins by acknowledging a period of difficulty in the past, but the singer expresses how they have been doing better recently. They highlight the positive changes in their life, such as reconnecting with family and finding a loving partner.

The lyrics reflect the singer’s profound gratitude towards God for the blessings they have received. They acknowledge that the things they have can be easily taken away, recognizing the impermanence of life’s joys. Despite feeling content and loved, the singer admits to experiencing moments of insecurity and fear of losing what they hold dear.

The chorus serves as a plea to God or a loved one to stay and not take away the beautiful things the singer has in their life. It expresses their dependency and need for the stability and happiness they have found. The repetition of this plea underscores the singer’s anxiety and desire to hold onto the positive aspects of their life.

The final lines of the song raise an introspective question. Despite having found peace of mind and faith, the singer wonders why they often wait until something is gone before fully appreciating it. This contemplation suggests a desire to overcome the fear of loss and cherish the present moment, recognizing the beauty in their life without constantly anticipating its potential absence.

Overall, “Beautiful Things” communicates the profound importance of gratitude, the longing for stability, and the struggle to fully embrace and appreciate the blessings one has obtained.

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