BBteam Freestyle Lyrics Meaning Explain by Big Baby Tape. BBteam Freestyle song lyrics written by Big Baby Tape with music Produced by Big Baby Tape.

Singer: Big Baby Tape
Producer: Big Baby Tape
Lyrics by: Big Baby Tape

BBteam Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

BBTEAM FREESTYLE by Big Baby Tape is a rap freestyle that showcases the artist’s braggadocious and aggressive style. Let’s break down some key lyrics and their meanings:

[Verse 1] “Мы нежданули оппа, ultimate, им не помог тиммейт” Translation: “We unexpectedly hit the opponent, ultimate, their teammate couldn’t help them” Meaning: The artist boasts about their ability to surprise and overpower their opponents in a competitive setting.

“Кину пару баров, чтоб увидеть пару багов” Translation: “I throw a few bars to see a few bugs” Meaning: The artist uses wordplay, referring to both dropping bars (rhymes) in their lyrics and finding flaws or vulnerabilities in their opponents.

[Chorus] “Ехал мимо — сделал wipe, и теперь он dead inside” Translation: “I passed by, made a wipe, and now he’s dead inside” Meaning: The artist asserts their dominance, claiming to easily defeat their adversaries and leave them feeling defeated emotionally.

“Видел белых, они lite, белый рэпал ЮАО, белый рэпал southside” Translation: “I saw white [rappers], they’re lite, white [rappers] rapped about Youzhny Administrative Okrug, white [rappers] rapped about the Southside” Meaning: The artist comments on the rise of white rappers from different districts in Moscow, highlighting their presence in different areas of the city.

[Verse 2] “Если они хотят рубить, то я подъеду с чаппой” Translation: “If they want to fight, I’ll come with my chopper” Meaning: The artist warns that if anyone tries to challenge them, they’ll come prepared with a firearm (symbolized by the slang term “choppa”).

“Oни бьют со спины, плюю на них, колю, я Bristleback” Translation: “They hit from behind, I spit on them, I stab them, I’m Bristleback” Meaning: The artist compares themselves to a powerful and resilient character from the game “Dota 2” called Bristleback, emphasizing their ability to withstand and retaliate against attacks.

[Outro] The outro of the song talks about a battle between two teams, Benzo Gaming and their opponents. It describes the intensity of the fight and the strategies employed by the teams. The lyrics mix references to gaming terminology and real-life scenarios to create a vivid and high-energy conclusion.

Overall, “BBTEAM FREESTYLE” showcases Big Baby Tape’s bravado and confidence as a rapper. The song highlights their dominance over opponents, their ability to surprise and overpower, and their fast-paced and aggressive style. The use of gaming metaphors adds an additional layer of imagery and reinforces the idea of competition and victory.

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