Ban Lyrics Meaning Explain by Slava Marlow. Ban song lyrics written by Slava Marlow with music Produced by Slava Marlow.

Singer: Slava Marlow
Producer: Slava Marlow
Lyrics by: Slava Marlow

Ban Lyrics Meaning Explain

Ban by Slava Marlow explores themes of fear, desire, and the complexities of relationships. The lyrics depict a narrator who is captivated by someone’s beauty but is torn between wanting to love them and fearing the potential pain that may come with it. Through metaphors and introspection, the song delves into the emotional struggles and conflicts that arise when navigating feelings of attraction and vulnerability.

In the intro, the singer expresses a longing to see the person again, implying that they have a past connection. The line “На твоих плечах, и все люди кричат” (On your shoulders, and all the people scream) suggests that the person the narrator is addressing has a magnetic presence that attracts attention from others.

The recurring chorus emphasizes the person’s beauty being a weapon, causing the narrator to believe that they should be banned. This signifies the power and effect this individual’s allure has on the narrator, creating a sense of vulnerability and fear of falling in love. The line “Если повезло, мне будет страшно тебя разлюбить” (If I’m lucky, I will be afraid to stop loving you) highlights the paradoxical nature of love and the fear of losing someone who has become significant to them.

In the first verse, the lyrics touch on the narrator’s own insecurities and doubts about their ability to create a fulfilling relationship. They mention that they come from a broken family and question if they are capable of providing a better example. The line “Я так боюсь, что нам обоим сделаю больней” (I’m so afraid that I’ll make it hurt for both of us) reflects their fear of causing emotional pain to the person they are attracted to.

The bridge section of the song cites the narrator’s ongoing search for this person, vividly described as looking for their profile amidst a sea of black and white copies. The lyrics express the narrator trying to conquer their own fears and phobias while acknowledging the gradual process of personal growth and the willingness to try to develop a connection with this individual.

Symbolism is utilized throughout the song, with the person’s beauty being metaphorically depicted as a weapon. This emphasizes the mesmerizing effect they have on the narrator, making them feel both powerless and scared. The metaphorical usage of fear and banning carries thematic weight, representing the internal struggles one faces when confronted with intense emotions and the risks associated with love.

In summary, “запретить” by Slava Marlow delves into the conflicting emotions and vulnerabilities that arise when faced with intense attraction. The lyrics explore the fear of loving and being loved, examining the complexities of relationships through the lens of personal insecurities and past experiences. The song’s overall meaning suggests that while love can be beautiful, it also carries the potential for pain and the need to navigate these emotions with caution and self-reflection.

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