Backburner Lyrics Meaning Explain by NIKI. Backburner song lyrics written by NIKI with music Produced by NIKI & Ethan Gruska.

Singer: NIKI
Producer: NIKI & Ethan Gruska
Lyrics by: NIKI

Backburner Lyrics Meaning Explain

Backburner by NIKI appears to be a song about a complicated and dysfunctional relationship, where the narrator is aware that they are not being treated well, but can’t seem to let go. They know they’re on the backburner, not a priority, but still can’t resist the attention from the other person.

In the first verse, the narrator acknowledges that talking to this person feels nice even though they don’t care about what the other person wants. They mention the history between them and that they’ve somehow made it out of a difficult situation. The mention of “Asian Calvinism” could be a nod to the strict religious and cultural upbringing they may have experienced. The narrator seems to recognize that they have a pattern of not learning their lesson and hoping to avoid divine punishment for their choices.

In the pre-chorus, the narrator dismisses a band that the other person brings up and implies that they should also be forgotten. However, they can’t help but admit how much they miss the other person.

The chorus and post-chorus indicate that the narrator might not believe they deserve better or that they’ve given up on the idea of finding happiness. They seem to have a fatalistic view of life and accept being second-choice. They talk about being a fast learner but not when it comes to this relationship, as they keep coming back to the other person’s backburner.

In the second verse, the narrator recognizes that the situation is pathetic but can’t end it. They see the other person as flawed but are only interested in them. They also acknowledge the other person’s neediness and their own inability to resist them. They express a mix of feelings towards the other person, questioning how they can feel both lucky and appalled at the same time.

In the pre-chorus 2, the narrator knows that this won’t last and that they’ll be forgotten again soon, but still can’t let go.

In the chorus 2, the narrator admits responsibility for their own issues and implies that they come from a difficult family situation. They still hold onto the hope that the other person will choose them someday. The outro reinforces the idea that settling for the backburner is sad but that the narrator will continue being there as long as the other person thinks of them.

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