2093 Lyrics Meaning Explain by Yeat. 2093 song lyrics written by Yeat, ​star boy, AM, Warpstr & Oscar Adler with music Produced by Big Star boy, Yeat, AM, Warpstr & Oscar Adler.

Singer: Yeat
Producer: Star boy, Yeat, AM, Warpstr & Oscar Adler
Lyrics by: Yeat, ​star boy, AM, Warpstr & Oscar Adler

2093 Lyrics Meaning

2093 by Yeat seems to revolve around the concept of living in a future time period, specifically in the year 2093. The lyrics indicate a sense of freedom and liberation, symbolized by the line “I been 2090 free.” This could suggest that the protagonist has broken free from societal norms and expectations, embracing a more avant-garde and progressive way of life.

The repetition of “I live in 2093” in the chorus highlights a strong identification with this futuristic era, emphasizing a sense of personal belonging and identification with this time period. It could also imply a desire to escape from the present and dwell in a future that offers more possibility and excitement.

The verse suggests that living like a god entails having control over one’s life and possessions, as indicated by the lines “When you live like God” and “Get your things mixed up.” This can be interpreted as a metaphor for achieving a higher level of personal autonomy, where the protagonist is able to dictate their own path and take risks without fear of judgment or consequences.

The references to “choppers” in the verse likely allude to firepower and strength, suggesting that the protagonist has the means to protect themselves and maintain their freedom in this futuristic world. Additionally, the repetition of the question “Rich, are you rich?” could be seen as a challenge to societal notions of wealth and success, implying that true richness lies in personal freedom and self-expression.

Overall, “2093” by Yeat appears to convey a longing for a future where individuality, freedom, and self-determination are at the forefront of society. It speaks to a desire to live a life outside of societal constraints and to embrace a more progressive and empowering existence.

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